~Her Accidental Husband~
Directed by: Dallas M. Fitzgerald

Based on a story by Lois Zellner

Miriam Cooper ... Rena
Mitchell Lewis ... 'Old Blind Goring' (Her Father)
Richard Tucker ... Paul Dupré (an artist)
Forrest Stanley ... Gordon Gray
Kate Lester ... Mrs. Gray (his aunt)
Maude Wayne ... Vera Hampton (his fiancée)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Belasco Productions

Distributed by: C.B.C. Film Sales Corp.

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 63 Minutes
Released: April 16, 1923
~Plot Synopsis~
Miriam Cooper's acting career was drawing to a close when she starred in this melodrama for the
Poverty Row studio C.B.C., which would later become known as Columbia. In spite of not being able
to see, "Old Blind" Goring (Mitchell Lewis) runs a fishing schooner with the help of his daughter,
Rena (Cooper). Gordon Gray (Forrest Stanley) finds himself shipwrecked, and Rena goes to his
rescue. When he goes searching for Rena, Goring walks off the schooner and drowns. His death
leaves his daughter grief-stricken, and she believes Gray is to blame. In order to keep the schooner
running, as she had promised her father, she forces Gray to marry her and help her with it. The
couple carries on unhappily until he takes her home to meet his wealthy parents. Vera Hampton,
Gray's former fiancée (Maude Wayne), is there, as is Paul Dupre (Richard Tucker), who says he is an
artist, but who prefers the fast life to spending time in front of a canvas. He comes on to Rena, who
responds just to upset Gray. After much arguing, Gray offers Rena her freedom, but she realizes she
has come to love him. She goes to the schooner to be alone, and is followed by Dupre, who attacks
her. Gray, who also has followed Rena, engages Dupre in a fierce battle. When he finally emerges
victorious, Rena reveals that she loves him.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com