~Hearts and Skirts~
Directed by: Al Christie

Louise Glaum ... Mabel Russell, an Heiress
Donald MacDonald ... Billy Jones, a Ranchman
Sylvia Ashton ... Chaperone to Mabel
Eddie Lyons ... Joe Dobbs, a Cowboy
Russell Bassett ... The Lawyer
Dolly Larkin ... Mary the Maid
Lee Moran ... First Cowboy
William A. Carroll ... Second Cowboy
Harris L. Forbes ... The Butler
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Nestor Film Company

Distribution Company: Universal Film Manufacturing Company

Produced by: David Horsley

Length: 1 Reel
Runtime: 10 Minutes
Released: October 4, 1912
~Plot Synopsis~
Mabel Russell, on her return from Europe, is informed by James Leonard, administrator of the
Russell Estate, that it was her father's dying wish that she should marry Billy Jones, the son of
William Jones, her father's schoolmate and lifelong friend. Mabel, however, has ideas of her own and
rather resents being disposed of like a parcel of goods, so when Billy calls upon her, she takes
advantage of the fact that he has not seen her since she was a child, and induces her maid (a young
woman who has a good figure and passable manners, but is extremely homely), to impersonate her,
while she dresses up as the maid. Billy comes ready and willing to fulfill his part of the program, but
at first sight of the maid, whom he supposes to be Mabel, he retreats hastily. Some months later, Billy
receives word that Mabel will stop at his ranch en route for California, and, remembering the lady
with the homely features whom he met when he called, and hoping to head her off, he sends word to
his attorney (who is Mabel's legal adviser), that he was married a month before. Mabel is notified and
she decided to offer her congratulations in person and see what a real ranch is like at the same time.
She notifies Billy, who is panic stricken, for he realizes he will have to find a wife on short notice and
there is not a woman within twenty miles of the ranch. The cowboys come to his rescue and Joe is
finally selected, much to his disgust, to act the part of the bride. When Mabel arrives with the maid
and a chaperone, Billy is made aware of the joke which has been played upon him when he called to
see her in New York. He is tempted to explain matters as he finds himself getting really attached to
the girl, but he holds off. The cowboys invite everyone for miles round to attend the ball to be given
"To meet the new Mrs. Jones." During the hall, Joe, dressed as the wife, gets into an argument with a
cowboy owing to the latter having stepped on his train, and acts in a most unladylike manner,
knocking his tormentor down. A short fight is stopped by Billy, but Joe has lost his wig as well as his
dignity. Explanations follow and Mabel and Billy are ready and willing to carry out the wishes of their

—Moving Picture World synopsis