~Gloria's Romance~
Directed by:
Colin Campbell
Walter Edwin

Written by:
Rupert Hughes
Mrs. Rupert Hughes

Billie Burke ... Gloria Stafford (as Miss Billie Burke)
Henry Kolker ... Dr. Stephen Royce
David Powell ... Richard Freneau - A Broker
William Roselle ... David Stafford - Gloria's Brother
Frank Belcher ... Frank Mulry - Frenau's Partner
William T. Carleton ... Pierpoint Stafford
Jule Power ... Lois Freeman - Judge Freeman's Daughter
Henry Weaver ... Judge Freeman
Frank McGlynn Sr. ... Gideon Trask (as Frank McGlynn)
Helen Hart ... Nell Trask
Maxfield Moree ... Secondary Role
Maurice Steuart ... Stass Casimir
Rapley Holmes ... Chooey McFadden
Adelaide Hastings ... Gloria's Governess
Ralph Bunker
Lillian Beck
Patterson Dial (as Elizabeth Patterson Dial)
Richard Barthelmess ... (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: George Kleine Productions

Distribution Company: K-E-S-E Service

Produced by: George Kleine
Cinematography by: Sidney Hickox
Costume Design by: Balcom, Henri Bendel and Lady Duff Gordon
Presenter: George Kleine

Length: 40 Reels, 20 Episodes
Released: May 22 1916 - October 2, 1916
~Plot Synopsis~
This romantic serial in 20 chapters is the proof that chapterplays were not geared solely to kids and
less sophisticated adults in the silent era as they would be after the advent of sound in 1929.
Producer George Kleine reportedly paid Broadway star Billie Burke a whopping 140,000 dollars to
play the starring role in Gloria's Romance, a serial with a budget of an equally impressive 650,000
dollars. Unfortunately, the money was not well spent as audiences turned thumbs down on both the
serial -- basically romantic episodes in the love life of a spoiled little rich girl -- and Burke, who had to
wait until middle age to become a bona fide movie star (The Wizard of Oz, Topper Returns, etc.). In
1914, she had married Broadway entrepreneur Florenz Ziegfeld, who went on to guide his wife's
screen career with very little success.

Plot Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com