~Gladys McConnell~

Born: October 22, 1905 in Oklahoma City, Indian Territory, USA [now Oklahoma, USA]
Died: March 4, 1979 (age 73) in Fullerton, California, USA
Parade of the West (1930) ... Mary Owens
The Woman Who Was Forgotten (1930) ... Sally

His Big Minute (Short) (1929)
The Fire Detective (1929) ... Gladys Samuels
Cheyenne (1929) ... Violet Wentworth
The Tiger's Shadow (1928) ... Jane Barstow
The Glorious Trail (1928) ... Alice Harper
The Perfect Crime (1928) ... Mrs. Trevor
The Code of the Scarlet (1928) ... Helen Morgan
The Bullet Mark (1928)
The Chaser (1928) ... The Wife
Three's a Crowd (1927) ... Gladys - the Girl
Riding to Fame (1927) ... Rose Randolph
Marriage (1927) ... Daphne Pope
Marry Month of May (Short) (1926) ... The Girlfriend
The Midnight Kiss (1926) ... Lenore Hastings
The Steeplechaser (Short) (1926)
The Flying Horseman (1926) ... June Savary
The Devil Horse (1926) ... Marion Morrow
A Lickpenny Lover (Short) (1926)
A Trip to Chinatown (1926) ... Marion Haste
A Polar Baron (Short) (1926)
From a Cabby's Seat (Short) (1926)
Elsie in New York (Short) (1926) ... Elsie
The Feud (Short) (1926) ... The Southern Girl
The daughter of poverty-row producer Fred McConnell, pensive-looking American silent-screen actress
Gladys McConnell is best remembered -- if remembered at all -- for two comedies starring baby-ish Harry
Langdon. Langdon was, at the time, a close competitor to Chaplin, Lloyd and Keaton, and his films were
prestigious. McConnell, however, was merely cast as a foil for Harry's infantile antics, playing "The Girl"
in Three's a Crowd (1927) and Langdon's somewhat disagreeable wife in The Chaser (1928). She married
publicist Arthur Hagerman in 1930 and left the screen.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
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