~Gambling in Souls~
Directed by: Harry F. Millarde

Written by: Denison Clift

Based on a story by: Samuel J. Warshawsky

Madlaine Traverse ... Marcia Dunning, aka Madame Rouge
Herbert Heyes ... 'Duke' Charters
Murdock MacQuarrie ... Thomas Philborn
Lew Zehring ... Dick Philborn
Mary McIvor ... Edith Dunning
Henry A. Barrows ... Latimer (as Henry Barrows)
Marian Skinner ... Mrs. Caldwell (as Marion Skinner)
William Clifford ... Robert Dunning
~Remaining Credits~

Produced and Released by Fox Film Corporation

Cinematography by: Harry W. Gerstad

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: March 9, 1919
~Plot Synopsis~
Madlaine Traverse in GAMBLING IN SOULS. In this William Fox production, Miss Traverse is seen
in the highly dramatic role of a woman who becomes one of the prime movers in a fashionable
gambling establishment so that she can achieve revenge on the man who brought financial ruin and
death to her husband.
11-37 Madlaine Traverse and Murdock MacQuarrie in GAMBLING IN SOULS, 1919