~Frances Lee~

Born: May 5, 1906 in Eagle Grove, Iowa, USA
Died: November 5, 2000 (age 94) in Cardiff-by-the Sea, California, USA
Traveling Saleslady (1935) ... Secretary (uncredited)
Flirtation Walk (1934) ... Blonde (uncredited)
These Thirty Years (1934) ... Mae Lercombe
Phantom Thunderbolt (1933) ... Judy Lane
Her Splendid Folly (1933) ... Natalie
The Tabasco Kid (Short) (1932) ... Mary Jones
What a Head! (Short) (1931) ... Betty - Papa's Daughter
The Stronger Sex (Short) (1930)
Down with Husbands (Short) (1930) ... Mrs. Henry Sweet

Marching to Georgie (Short) (1929)
The Show of Shows (1929) ... Performer in 'Ladies of the Ensemble' Number
Adam's Eve (Short) (1929)
Divorce Made Easy (1929) ... Eileen Stanley
Stage Struck Susie (Short) (1929) ... Susie
Reckless Rosie (Short) (1929) ... Peggy
Tight Places (Short) (1929)
The Carnation Kid (1929) ... Doris Whitely
Footlight Fanny (Short) (1929)
Confessions of a Chorus Girl (Short) (1929)
Nifty Numbers (Short) (1928) ... Doris
Believe It or Not (Short) (1928)
Picture My Astonishment (Short) (1928)
Skating Home (Short) (1928)
Stop Kidding (Short) (1928) ... Susan
Slick Slickers (Short) (1928) ... Susan
Chicken a La King (1928) ... Babe Lorraine
Hold 'Er Cowboy (Short) (1928)
Bugs, My Dear! (Short) (1928)
Sweeties (Short) (1928)
The Little Snob (1928) ... Alice
Save the Pieces (Short) (1928)
Splash Yourself (Short) (1927)
Wedding Wows (Short) (1927)
Crazy to Fly (Short) (1927)
Short Socks (Short) (1927)
Good As Gold (1927) ... Jane Laurier
Tie That Bull (Short) (1927)
Jail Birdies (Short) (1927)
Duck Out (Short) (1927) ... Maggie
Don't Fire (Short) (1926)
Hoot Mon! (Short) (1926)
Wife Shy (Short) (1926) ... Bill's Sister
Dummy Love (Short) (1926) ... Evelyn
Till We Eat Again (Short) (1926) ... Bobby's Sweetheart
Broken China (Short) (1926) ... Betty Brown
Page Me (Short) (1926)
Yes, Yes, Babette (Short) (1925) ... Bobby's Sweetie
Slippery Feet (Short) (1925) ... Frances
Watch Out (Short) (1925) ... Frances
Hello and Goodbye (Short) (1924)
Vivacious silent-screen comedian Frances Lee was discovered on the vaudeville stage by comedy
producer Al Christie, who signed both Frances and her partner, Billy Dooley, a comic known as "The
Misfit Sailor." Christie apparently saw Lee as a replacement for his best known star, Dorothy Devore, who
had just defected to Warner Bros. Although never in a league with Devore, Lee proved a fine foil for
also-ran comics like Bobby Vernon and Neal Burns. Voted a 1927 WAMPAS Baby Star by the Hollywood
publicists, Frances bore a striking resemblance to Paramount newcomer Nancy Carroll, a fact used to
advantage in Chicken a la King (1928), but otherwise more of a hindrance. Carroll became a major star at
the changeover to sound, whereas Lee continued in Christie two-reelers such as Confessions of a Chorus
Girl. With apparently little future in mainstream talkies, Frances Lee left the screen in 1935 to marry
Alexander Bennett, the brother of silent-screen stars Alma and Marjorie Bennett.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
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