~For Woman's Favor~
Directed by: O.A.C. Lund

Written by: Giovanni Boccaccio (story)

Seena Owen ... June Paige
Elliott Dexter ... Howard Fiske
Wilton Lackaye ... Bracken
Irma Harrison ... The Lamb
Henry Hull ... The Fool / The Lover
Paul McAllister ... The Wolf
Arthur Donaldson ... The Brother
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Lund Productions

Distribution Company: Lee-Bradford Corporation

Cinematography by:
Marcel Le Picard
Robert Olsson

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: August 1, 1924
~Plot Synopsis~
June Paige (Seena Owen) is pressured by her parents to marry a millionaire in this romantic
melodrama. Her old lover threatens to send him her old love letters if she does not come up with
$10,000. The villain (Wilton Lackeye) tells June he will fill in new dates on the letters to make it
appear she is less than honorable in her marital commitments. Elliott Dexter, Irma Harrison, and
Henry Hull co-star with Paul McAllister and Arthur Donaldson in this routine feature.

Plot Synopsis by Dan Pavlides, AllMovie.com
Henry Hull & Irma Harrison in FOR WOMAN'S
FAVOR, 1924.