~Florence La Badie~

Born: April 27, 1888 in New York City, New York, USA
Died: October 13, 1917 (age 29) in Ossining, New York, USA
The Man Without a Country (1917) ... Barbara Norton
War and the Woman (1917) ... Ruth Norton--Braun's Stepdaughter
The Unfortunate Marriage (1917) ... Ann Catherick / Laura Fairlie
When Love Was Blind (1917) ... Eleanor Grayson
Her Life and His (1917) ... Mary Murdock
Divorce and the Daughter (1916) ... Alicia
The Return of Draw Egan (1916) ... Townswoman (uncredited)
The Pillory (1916) ... Ruth
Saint, Devil and Woman (1916) ... Florence Stanton (as Florence LaBadie)
The Fear of Poverty (1916) ... Grace Lane / Florence, her daughter
The Fugitive (1916) ... Margery Carew
Master Shakespeare, Strolling Player (1916) ... Miss Gray
What Doris Did (Short) (1916) ... Doris' Sponsor
The Five Faults of Flo (1916) ... Flo Forsythe Hale
Her Confession (Short) (1915) ... Flower
All Aboard (Short) (1915) ... Florence
Mr. Meeson's Will (Short) (1915) ... Augusta Smithers
The Price of Her Silence (1915) ... The Elder Sister
A Disciple of Nietzsche (Short) (1915) ... One of the Unfit
Reincarnation (Short) (1915)
Monsieur Lecoq (1915) ... Duchess of Sairmuse
When the Fleet Sailed (Short) (1915) ... Lillian Rolfe - Monroe's Sweetheart
Crossed Wires (Short) (1915) ... Flo Drake
The Country Girl (Short) (1915) ... Phyllis, the Country Girl
The Six-Cent Loaf (Short) (1915) ... Mary Quinn - Sewing-Machine Girl
A Freight Car Honeymoon (Short) (1915) ... Alice Reed - the Bride
God's Witness (1915) ... Beryl Darcy
Monsieur Nikola Dupree (Short) (1915) ... Manette
Bianca Forgets (Short) (1915) ... Bianca
The Cycle of Hatred (Short) (1915) ... Persis King
The Duel in the Dark (Short) (1915) ... Florence Gregory - Daughter
The Final Reckoning (Short) (1915) ... Florence Granger
The Adventure of Florence (Short) (1915) ... Florence Clark
The Smuggled Diamond (Short) (1915) ... Flo - Detective Agent
The Finger Prints of Fate (Short) (1915) ... Margaret Seymour
Graft vs. Love (Short) (1915) ... Violet Grey
The Adventures of a Diplomatic Freelance (1914) ... Nan Tremaine
Under False Colors (Short) (1914) ... Mary Newel
The Million Dollar Mystery (1914) ... Florence Gray Hargreave
From the Shadows (Short) (1914) ... Daphne
The Somnambulist (Short) (1914) ... Marianne - Algernon's Wife
The Mohammedan's Conspiracy (Short) (1914) ... Nan - Lord Trevor's Ward
A Debut in the Secret Service (Short) (1914) ... Nan Tremaine - Lord Trevor's Ward
The Cat's Paw (Short) (1914) ... Nan Tremaine - Lord Trevor's Ward
Cardinal Richelieu's Ward (1914) ... Julie de Mortemar - Richelieu's Ward
A Leak in the Foreign Office (Short) (1914) ... Nan Tremaine - Lord Trevor's ward
The Success of Selfishness (Short) (1914) ... Irene - a Country Girl
Twins and a Stepmother (Short) (1914) ... Miss Wills - the Stepmother
The Elevator Man (Short) (1914) ... Rose - a Stenographer
Turkey Trot Town (Short) (1914) ... Marguerite - Van Horn's Wife
Adrift in a Great City (Short) (1914) ... The Blind Girl
Their Golden Wedding (Short) (1914) ... Enna - the Daughter
The Head Waiter (Short) (1913) ... Mrs. Carl Hollywood, a Society Matron
A Beauty Parlor Graduate (Short) (1913)
Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight (Short) (1913) ... Bessie - a Village Maiden
The Blight of Wealth (Short) (1913) ... May, Jack's Wife
Little Brother (Short) (1913) ... The Sweetheart
The Junior Partner (Short) (1913) ... The Twice-Married Girl
The Water Cure (Short) (1913) ... Bella
A Twentieth Century Farmer (Short) (1913) ... The Farmer's Sweetheart
The Mystery of the Haunted Hotel (Short) (1913)
Beauty in the Seashell (Short) (1913)
A Peaceful Victory (Short) (1913) ... Alice Fairly, the Daughter
A Deep Sea Liar (Short) (1913)
Louie, the Life Saver (Short) (1913) ... The Rescued Girl
Life's Pathway (Short) (1913) ... Bessie and Anna as Adults
When the Worm Turned (Short) (1913)
Redemption (Short) (1913)
The Message to Headquarters (Short) (1913)
The Ward of the King (Short) (1913) ... The Ward of the King
An Unromantic Maiden (Short) (1913) ... May Grey, the Unromantic Daughter
The Lie That Failed (Short) (1913)
Oh! Such a Beautiful Ocean (Short) (1913) ... The Girl
In the Nick of Time (Short) (1913) ... The Wife
Tannhäuser (Short) (1913) ... Venus
For the Man She Loved (Short) (1913) ... The Ranchman's Daughter
The Snare of Fate (Short) (1913) ... Mary Drent, a Young Wife & Mother
In Their Hour of Need (Short) (1913) ... The Daughter
The Marble Heart (Short) (1913) ... Marie
The Other Girl (Short) (1913) ... Frank's Sweetheart
Her Sister's Secret (Short) (1913) ... The Impetuous Younger Sister
Rosie's Revenge (Short) (1913) ... The Widow
Retribution (Short) (1913) ... The Country Girl
Cymbeline (Short) (1913) ... Imogen
Her Gallant Knights (Short) (1913)
Won at the Rodeo (Short) (1913) ... The Cowgirl
An Honest Young Man (Short) (1913)
The Way to a Man's Heart (Short) (1913)
The Two Sisters (Short) (1913) ... The Younger Sister
The Pretty Girl in Lower Five (Short) (1913) ... The Pretty Girl
Some Fools There Were (Short) (1913) ... The Girl Reporter
The Evidence of the Film (Short) (1913) ... Sister of Little Boy
A Poor Relation (Short) (1913)
The Star of Bethlehem (Short) (1912) ... Mary
The Race (Short) (1912) ... The Inventor's Sweetheart
Aurora Floyd (Short) (1912) ... Aurora Floyd
The County's Prize Baby (Short) (1912) ... Mary, The Baby's Mother
A Noise Like a Fortune (Short) (1912) ... The Village Girl
Through the Flames (Short) (1912) ... The Country Girl
Petticoat Camp (Short) (1912)
Mary's Goat (Short) (1912) ... Mary
When Mercy Tempers Justice (Short) (1912) ... The Spirit of Justice
Miss Robinson Crusoe (Short) (1912) ... Miss Robinson Crusoe
Undine (Short) (1912) ... Undine, the Water Nymph
A Star Reborn (Short) (1912) ... A Former Actress
The Voice of Conscience (Short) (1912) ... The Orphan
Lucile (Short) (1912) ... Matilda
When a Count Counted (Short) (1912)
The Wrecked Taxi (Short) (1912) ... The Wife
Big Sister (Short) (1912) ... A Society Woman
The Merchant of Venice (Short) (1912) ... Portia
The Portrait of Lady Anne (Short) (1912) ... Lady Anne
Under Two Flags (Short) (1912) ... The Silver Pheasant
Ma and Dad (Short) (1912) ... Ma
In Blossom Time (Short) (1912)
Called Back (Short) (1912)
Dottie's New Doll (Short) (1912) ... Dottie's Nurse
Whom God Hath Joined (Short) (1912) ... Sue
The Ring of a Spanish Grandee (Short) (1912) ... Myra
Jess (1912) ... Jess's Sister, Bess
Jilted (Short) (1912)
The Saleslady (Short) (1912)
Rejuvenation (Short) (1912) ... The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter
A Love of Long Ago (Short) (1912) ... The Archer's Daughter
The Girl of the Grove (Short) (1912) ... The Girl
My Baby's Voice (Short) (1912) ... The Telephone Operator
Flying to Fortune (Short) (1912) ... The Wealthy Old Man's Daughter
Extravagance (Short) (1912) ... The Spendthrift Daughter
The Arab's Bride (Short) (1912) ... The Wealthy Moor's Daughter
The Guilty Baby (Short) (1912) ... The Wealthy Mother
The Silent Witness (Short) (1912) ... The Young Wife
The Trouble Maker (Short) (1912) ... The Wife
As It Was in the Beginning (Short) (1912)
East Lynne (Short) (1912) ... Barbara Drew
Her Ladyship's Page (Short) (1912) ... Her Ladyship
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Short) (1912) ... Jekyll's Sweetheart
Cinderella (Short) (1911) ... Cinderella
Beneath the Veil (Short) (1911) ... The Girl
The Tempest (Short) (1911) ... Miranda, Prospero's Daughter
The Baseball Bug (Short) (1911) ... The Would-Be Baseball Star's Wife
A Master of Millions (Short) (1911) ... Rose (unconfirmed)
A Mother's Faith (Short) (1911) ... The Loyal Daughter
The Last of the Mohicans (Short) (1911) ... The Elder Sister
The Trail of Books (Short) (1911) ... The Wife
The Satyr and the Lady (Short) (1911) ... The Lady
David Copperfield (Short) (1911) ... Em'ly as a Woman
In the Chorus (Short) (1911) ... The Daughter Grown Up
The Buddhist Priestess (Short) (1911)
Swords and Hearts (Short) (1911) ... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
The Rose of Kentucky (Short) (1911)
The Blind Princess and the Poet (Short) (1911) ... Lady in Waiting
The Sorrowful Example (Short) (1911)
The Smuggler (Short) (1911) ... The Smuggler's Ward
The Indian Brothers (Short) (1911)
Bobby, the Coward (Short) (1911) ... The Girl Next Door
The Thief and the Girl (Short) (1911) ... The Girl
Fighting Blood (Short) (1911) ... The Son's Girlfriend
Her Sacrifice (Short) (1911) ... The Widow's Son's Sweetheart
The Primal Call (Short) (1911) ... A Servant
Enoch Arden: Part II (Short) (1911) ... Teenage Arden Daughter
Dave's Love Affair (Short) (1911) ... May
The Manicure Lady (Short) (1911) ... The Rival's Girlfriend
The New Dress (Short) (1911) ... At Wedding
How She Triumphed (Short) (1911)
A Knight of the Road (Short) (1911) ... In Kitchen
Madame Rex (Short) (1911)
Paradise Lost (Short) (1911) ... An Angel / A Maid
The Broken Cross (Short) (1911) ... Kate
The Spanish Gypsy (Short) (1911) ... Gypsy
The Diamond Star (Short) (1911)
The Two Paths (Short) (1911)
After the Ball (Short) (1910) ... Mrs. Brown (unconfirmed)
The Troublesome Baby (Short) (1910)
A Gold Necklace (Short) (1910)
Serious Sixteen (Short) (1910)
Taming a Husband (Short) (1910)

Through the Breakers (Short) (1909)
In the Window Recess (Short) (1909)
Getting Even (Short) (1909)
Comata, the Sioux (Short) (1909)
The Seventh Day (Short) (1909)
A Strange Meeting (Short) (1909)
The Salvation Army Lass (Short) (1909)
The Politician's Love Story (Short) (1909)
Florence LaBadie's sweetly feminine presence enhanced many dozens of films made by the Thanhouser
Studios, where she was one of the main stars. She was best known for the two serials she made for the
company, the excellent Million Dollar Mystery (1914-1915) and the not-as-successful Zudora (1914).
According to Thanhouser historian Q. David Bowers, LaBadie was born Florence Russ born on April 27,
1888, and was adopted by the LaBadie family. After receiving a convent education in Montreal she
modeled for illustrator Penrhyn Stanlaws, who later became a film director. Like many other girls back
then (and now), she went from modeling to acting. From 1908 through 1910, she toured in a variety of
stage productions. In the summer of 1909, LaBadie went to the Biograph Studios to visit her friend,
actress Mary Pickford, who was performing in a D.W. Griffith-directed picture Getting Even. LaBadie was
cast in a small role and she also appeared a few months later in In the Window Recess. Within a year she
signed on at Biograph as a regular, but switched over to Thanhouser in 1911. LaBadie gained
prominence as Thanhouser's leading lady. Like many of the stars of her day she did her own stunts, and
when it came to serials, some of them were pretty risky. She stayed with the company up until its demise
in 1917. Sadly, the actress died not long after she left the studio. She was out on a drive with her fiancé,
scenarist Daniel Carson Goodman, when the brakes failed and the car careened down a hill. Goodman
survived his injuries, which were mostly minor, but LaBadie, who was thrown from the car, received a
compound fracture of the pelvis. Over a period of weeks, infection set in and she died on October 13,
1917, at the age of 29.

Biography by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com