~Flashing Fangs~
Directed by: Henry McCarty

Written by: Ewart Adamson

Ranger the Dog ... Ranger, a Dog
Robert Ramsey ... Dan Emory
Lotus Thompson ... Bessie Lang
Eddy Chandler ... 'Red' Saunders
Clark Comstock ... Andrew Lang
Ada Mae Vaughn ... June
George Reehm ... Sheriff
Mary Dow ... Baby
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Robertson-Cole Pictures Corporation

Distribution Companies:
Film Booking Offices of America (FBO) (1926) (USA) (theatrical)
Ideal (1927) (UK) (theatrical)

Cinematography by: B.P. Carpenter & Glen Gano
Assistant Director: John Burch
Presenter: Joseph P. Kennedy

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: Approximately 50 Minutes
Released: September 5, 1926
~Plot Synopsis~
Dan Emory, a miner in the Sierras, tries to beat "Red" Saunders for mistreating his dog, Ranger; but
Saunders bests him and turns the dog on the beaten man; the dog instinctively protects Dan and
afterwards takes up with the miner. Dan arouses the interest of Bessie, daughter of Andrew Lang, a
local farmer, though Lang is doubtful about him. When Dan is injured in a mine explosion, he sends
Ranger for help, and Bessie protects the dog from settlers who think he has assaulted a child. Later,
Dan strikes ore, and Saunders tries to steal the claim but is beaten by Dan. Saunders kills Lang in an
argument; and Dan, accused of the crime, is about to be lynched when Ranger arrives with a note
from Bessie, who has been kidnaped; Bessie is rescued from the villain's clutches and reunited with