~Flaming Hearts~
Directed by: Clifford S. Elfelt

J.B. Warner
Kathleen Myers
Alma Bennett
George Hernandez
Frankie Lee
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company:
Clifford S. Elfelt Productions (for)
Metropolitan Pictures Corporation of California

Distribution Company: East Coast Productions (1922) (USA) (theatrical)
(states rights system)

Produced by: Clifford S. Elfelt

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: Approximately 50 Minutes
Released: November 1, 1922
~Plot Synopsis~
Jeff Hartman, society lap-dog, goes West to make a man of himself. En route aboard box-car [he]
captures two tramps who have stolen payroll. Hands them over to sheriff and gets himself in solid.
Tenderfoot develops after much adversity into cowboy. At county fair Hartman wins raffle, the
reward being a kiss from Marion Barrows, the sheriff's daughter. Hartman, fearful of taking the
privilege, flees. Sheriff and daughter angered by insult. Fair receipts missing. Suspicion centers on
Hartman. Marion discovers Jeff in shack and at point of gun leads him to her father. Revealed that
sheriff's little nephew has taken bag holding Fair's receipts to play with them. Jeff and Marion