~Derelys Perdue~

Born: March 22, 1902 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Died: September 30, 1989 (age 87) in Los Angeles, California, USA
The Newlyweds' Pests (Short) (1929)
The Newlyweds' Angel Child (Short) (1929)
The Smiling Terror (1929) ... Mabel
Hot Puppies (Short) (1929)
The Newlyweds Camp Out (Short) (1929)
The Newlyweds' Excuse (Short) (1929)
The Newlyweds in Society (Short) (1929)
The Newlyweds' Holiday (Short) (1929)
Television George (Short) (1929)
The Newlyweds' Visit (Short) (1929)
The Newlyweds' Headache (Short) (1929)
Range of Fear (Short) (1929)
The Newlyweds Need Help (Short) (1929)
The Newlyweds Lose Snookums (Short) (1928)
The Mystery Rider (1928) ... Grace Wentworth (1928)
The Newlyweds' Court Trouble (Short) (1928)
The Newlyweds Unwelcome (Short) (1928)
The Newlyweds' Hard Luck (Short) (1928)
The Newlyweds' Anniversary (Short) (1928)
Quick Triggers (1928) ... Jeanne Landis
The Newlyweds' Imagination (Short) (1928)
The Newlyweds' Success (Short) (1928)
Eats for Two (Short) (1927) ... 2nd Wife
The Gingham Girl (1927) ... Mildred Ripley
The Newlyweds' Neighbors (Short) (1926) ... Snookums' Mother
Where the Worst Begins (1925) ... Annice's Friend
Paint and Powder (1925) ... Mazie Hull
The Last Man on Earth (1924) ... Hattie
Untamed Youth (1924) ... Marcheta
Blow Your Own Horn (1923) ... Anne Small
Daytime Wives (1923) ... Ruth Holt
The Forbidden Range (unconfirmed) (1923)
The Bishop of the Ozarks (1923) ... Margery Chapman
A Dangerous Adventure (1922) ... Edith Stanton
Man-Woman-Marriage (uncredited)(1921)
A Small Town Idol (1929) ... Dancer (uncredited)
With little more than her unusual name as a recommendation, exotic-looking silent screen actress
Derelys Perdue had taken Hollywood by storm in a stage presentation entitled Attila and the Huns -- with
Ramon Novarro as Attila and Derelys one of the Huns. She danced with Novarro in a couple of minor
films and was voted a 1923 WAMPAS Baby Star by the Hollywood publicists. Perdue's big chance came
as the villainess in a Warner Bros serial, A Dangerous Adventure (1922). But according to Harry
Warner's granddaughter, Perdue did not get along with the star, Grace Darmond, and the two women
battled it out for real in several scenes, nearly tearing each other's hair out by the roots along the way.
Despite this setback, Perdue continued to appear in a long series of mostly inferior melodramas. The Last
Man on Earth, from 1924, at least had an interesting plot, something about a plague eliminating all males
above the age of 14 and leaving Perdue to run the presidency of the United States all by her pretty and
hopelessly naive self. If her films weren't bad enough, Perdue's boss, future presidential father Joseph P.
Kennedy, insisted on changing her name to the more palatable Ann Perdue. She sued him, lost, and ended
her screen career in 1929.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
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