~Darling Mine~
Directed by: Laurence Trimble

Written by:
John Lynch & Laurence Trimble

Olive Thomas ... Kitty McCarthy
Walter McGrail ... Roger Davis
Walt Whitman ... James McCarthy
J. Barney Sherry ... Gordon Davis (as Barney Sherry)
Margaret McWade ... Agnes McCarthy
Betty Schade ... Vera Maxwell
Richard Tucker ... Jay Savoy
Andrew Arbuckle
Anna Dodge (as Mrs. George Hernandez)
~Remaining Credits~

Production & Released by: Selznick Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: André Barlatier
Assistant Director: James Dugan
Presented by: Lewis J. Selznick

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: August 16, 1920
~Plot Synopsis~
Olive Thomas, the star of this innocent and sentimental picture, would tragically die of poisoning in
Paris within a couple of weeks of its release. The story line is not unlike Peg O' My Heart: a sweet
Irish colleen lightens up the lives of those around her. When her Aunt Agnes (Margaret McWade)
writes her a desperate note, Kitty McCarthy (Thomas) decides to leave her home in Ireland for the
U.S. When she lands on American soil, she meets playwright Gordon Davis (J. Barney Sherry), who
gives her enough money to get to her aunt. It turns out that Agnes has become a dope fiend, but
Kitty's sunny influence helps her reform almost immediately. Davis, meanwhile, has written a
musical comedy, and he gives Kitty a role. The leading lady, Vera Maxwell (Betty Schade), is having
problems with her jealous suitor, the wealthy Savoy (Richard Tucker). Kitty helps bring them back
together, which temporarily endangers her own romance with Davis' nephew, Roger (Walter
McGrail). Gordon lends his aid in keeping the young couple together.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com