~Crane Wilber~

Born: November 17, 1886 in Athens, New York, USA
Died: October 18, 1973 (age 86) in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, California, USA
House of Women (1962)
The George Raft Story (screenplay) (1961)
Mysterious Island (screenplay) (1961)
The Texan (TV Series) (story - 1 episode) (1960)
- 24 Hours to Live (1960) ... (story)

Solomon and Sheba (story) (1959)
The Bat (screen story) / (screenplay) (1959)
Casey Jones (TV Series) (writer - 1 episode) (1958)
- Dangerous Hours (1958) ... (writer)
Sugarfoot (TV Series) (screenplay - 1 episode) (1957)
- Stallion Trail (1957) ... (screenplay)
Monkey on My Back (written by) (1957)
Battle Stations (screen play) (1956)
The Phenix City Story (screenplay) (1955)
Women's Prison (screenplay) (1955)
The Mad Magician (screenplay) / (story) (1954)
Crime Wave (screen play) (1953)
House of Wax (screenplay) (1953)
The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima (written by) (1952)
The Lion and the Horse (1952)
Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (original screenplay) (1951)
I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. (screenplay) (1951)
Outside the Wall (screenplay) (1950)

The Story of Molly X (writer) (1949)
He Walked by Night (screenplay) / (story) (1948)
The Amazing Mr. X (original story) (1948)
Canon City (original screenplay) (1948)
Adventures of Casanova (screenplay) / (story) (1948)
The Red Stallion (screenplay) (1947)
The Devil on Wheels (screenplay) / (story) (1947)
Born to Speed (screenplay) (1947)
It Happened in Springfield (Short) (written by) (1945)
I Am an American (Short) (written by) (1944)
Proudly We Serve (Short) (1944)
Roger Touhy, Gangster (screenplay) / (story) (1944)
A Night of Adventure (screenplay) (1944)
King of the Lumberjacks (screenplay) (1940)

Old Hickory (Short) (uncredited) (1939)
Ride, Cowboy, Ride (Short) (original screenplay) (1939)
Hell's Kitchen (from an original story by) / (screen play) (1939)
Quiet, Please (Short) (original screen play by) (1939)
Sons of Liberty (Short) (original screenplay) (1939)
Blackwell's Island (screenplay) / (story) (1939)
Swingtime in the Movies (Short) (original screenplay) (1938)
Girls on Probation (original screenplay) (1938)
Sons of the Plains (Short) (screenplay) (1938)
Penrod's Double Trouble (screen play) (1938)
Out Where the Stars Begin (Short) (original screenplay) (1938)
Crime School (from a story by) / (screen play) (1938)
Over the Wall (original screenplay) (1938)
The Invisible Menace (screen play) (1938)
Romance of Louisiana (Short) (written by) (1937)
West of Shanghai (screen play) (1937)
Alcatraz Island (original screen play) (1937)
Dance Charlie Dance (1937)
A Day at Santa Anita (Short) (original screenplay) (1937)
Navy Spy (screenplay) (1937)
Her Husband's Secretary (story) (1937)
We're in the Legion Now (additional dialogue) (1936)
El carnaval del diablo (story) (1936)
Yellow Cargo (original story) / (screenplay) (1936)
The Devil on Horseback (play "The Tiger Smiles") / (screenplay) (1936)
El capitan Tormenta (1936)
Captain Calamity (screenplay) (1936)
The Unwelcome Stranger (screenplay) (1935)
On Probation (story) (1935)
Tomorrow's Children (uncredited) (1934)
The Trial of Vivienne Ware (contributing writer - uncredited) (1932)
Children of Pleasure (play and dialogue) (1930)
Lord Byron of Broadway (dialogue continuity) (1930)

The Monster (stage play) (1925)

The Blood of His Fathers (1917)
The Eye of Envy (1917)
The Single Code (story) (1917)
The Painted Lie (screenplay) / (story) (1917)
For Her Good Name (Short) (1916)
The Fool's Game (Short) (1916)
A King o' Make-Believe (Short) (1916)
The Conscience of John David (scenario) (1916)
The Love Liar (1916)
Vengeance Is Mine! (scenario) (1916)
The Mystery of Carter Breene (Short) (story) (1915)
Could a Man Do More? (Short) (story) (1915)
The Blood of Our Brothers (Short) (story) (1915)


Yellow Cargo (1936) ... Montie Brace
Captain Calamity (1936) ... Dr. Kelkey
Public Opinion (1935) ... Paul Arnold
High School Girl (1934) ... Carl Bryson
Name the Woman (1934) ... Blake
Tomorrow's Children (1934) ... Father O'Brien (uncredited)

It's a Great Life (1929) ... Bit Role (uncredited)
The Heart of Maryland (1921) ... Alan Kendrick
Something Different (1920) ... Don Luis Vargas

Stripped for a Million (1919) ... Stanley Warren
Devil McCare (1919) ... Devil McCare
Breezy Jim (1919) ... Breezy Jim
The Finger of Justice (Short) (1918) ... Noel Delaney
Unto the End (1917) ... Jim O'Neill
The Blood of His Fathers (1917) ... Morgan Gray / Abel Gray
The Eye of Envy (1917) ... Ambition, the Blacksmith
The Single Code (1917) ... Hugh Carrington
The Painted Lie (1917) ... Lieutenant David Graton
The Spite Husband (Short) (1916) ... Bill
For Her Good Name (Short) (1916) ... Belmont Blair
The Haunting Symphony (Short) (1916) ... Norman Brice
The Fool's Game (Short) (1916) ... Robert Van Allen
A King o' Make-Believe (Short) (1916) ... Neil Stuart
The Wasted Years (1916) ... Old Weatherby / Harry Weatherby
The Conscience of John David (1916) ... John David
The Love Liar (1916) ... David McCare
A Law Unto Himself (1916) ... Allan Dwight / Jean Belleau
Vengeance Is Mine! (1916) ... John Loring
The Mystery of Carter Breene (Short) (1915) ... Alan Dare
Could a Man Do More? (Short) (1915) ... Rev. Darrel Sherwood
The Blood of Our Brothers (Short) (1915) ... Kindheart - a Shepherd
The Protest (Short) (1915) ... Roger Hackett - District Attorney
The Mirror (Short) (1915) ... The Mountaineer
Polly of the Pots and Pans (Short) (1915) ... Rodman - the Author
The Call of Motherhood (Short) (1915) ... Dr. Henry Farrell
No Other Way (Short) (1915)
The Road o' Strife (1915) ... Robert Dane
All Love Excelling (Short) (1914) ... Duc de St. Claire
The Corsair (Short) (1914) ... The Corsair
The Ghost (Short) (1914) ... Gabriel Whitten - the Younger Son
The Perils of Pauline (1914) ... Harry Marvin
Through Fire and Air (1913)
The Couple Next Door (Short) (1913) ... Dr. Prentiss
Uncle John to the Rescue (Short) (1913) ... Paul Bret - the Husband
The Shadow of Shame (Short) (1913) ... Young Denham - the Sheriff
Unmasked (Short) (unconfirmed)(1913)
Gypsy Love (Short) (1913)
The Smuggler (Short) (1913) ... The Smuggler
The President's Pardon (Short) (1913)
The Merrill Murder Mystery (Short) (1913) ... Detective Byrnes
Across the Chasm (Short) (1913) ... Dan Crockett
The Climax (Short) (1913) ... Walter Briggs
$1,000 Reward (Short) (1913)
The Haunted House (Short) (1913)
The Mad Sculptor (Short) (1913) ... Paul Wilbur - the Mad Sculptor
The Miner's Destiny (Short) (1913) ... Crane Wilkins - the Father
The Second Shot (Short) (1913) ... The American
The Secret Formula (Short) (1913) ... Paul Shafter
A Woman Scorned (Short) (1913) ... Phil Burton
The Count's Will (Short) (1913) ... Count Heinrich von Baum
In the Days of War (Short) (1913) ... Maj. James Adams
God Is Love (Short) (1913) ... The Shoemaker
The Moonshiner's Last Stand (Short) (1913) ... The Revenue Agent
The Infernal Pig (Short) (1913) ... Pietro
The Artist's Trick (Short) (1913) ... Dunbar Crane - the Artist
Dynamited Love (Short) (1912) ... The Successful Suitor
A Simple Maid (Short) (1912) ... The Butler
The Receiving Teller (Short) (1912) ... Basil Brady - Bank Teller
The Compact (Short) (1912) ... John Blair / Gary - the Lawyer (dual role)
The Three Bachelors' Turkey (Short) (1912)
Pals (Short) (1912) ... Dan Richards
Gee! My Pants! (Short) (1912) ... Dr. Gibbs
Anona's Baptism (Short) (1912) ... A Missionary of the Forest
His Second Love (Short) (unconfirmed)(1912)
On the Brink of the Chasm (Short) (1912) ... 2nd Settler
Where Jealousy Leads (Short) (1912) ... The Grocer (unconfirmed)
A Nation's Peril (Short) (1912) ... Captain Porter
Texan Twins (Short) (1912) ... Jack & Jim - the Texan Twins
The Salvationist (Short) (1912) ... The Racing Driver
Jimmy's Misfortune (Short) (1912) ... The Husband
Phantom Lovers (Short) (1912) ... The Artist
The Doll (Short) (1911) ... The Husband
The Fatal Portrait (Short) (1911) ... William
The Power of Love (Short) (1911) ... Benham
Love Molds Labor (Short) (1911) ... The Young Foreman
Revolution in a Bachelors' Club (Short) (1911)
For Massa's Sake (Short) (1911)
A Western Memory (Short) (1911) ... Tom
The Girl from Arizona (Short) (1910)


House of Women (uncredited) (1962)

The Bat (1959)
No Pets Allowed (Short) (1952)
Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (1951)
Outside the Wall (1950)

The Story of Molly X (1949)
Canon City (1948)
Power Behind the Nation (Documentary short) (1947)
The Devil on Wheels (1947)
It Happened in Springfield (Short) (1945)
I Am an American (Short) (1944)
I Won't Play (Short) (1944)
Proudly We Serve (Short) (1944)

The Monroe Doctrine (Short) (1939)
The Bill of Rights (Short) (1939)
Quiet, Please (Short) (1939)
The Right Way (Short) (1939)
The Man Who Dared (1939)
Swingtime in the Movies (Short) (1938)
The Declaration of Independence (Short) (1938)
Sons of the Plains (Short) (1938)
The Patient in Room 18 (1938)
Romance of Louisiana (Short) (1937)
The Man Without a Country (Short) (1937)
The Romance of Robert Burns (Short) (1937)
Navy Spy (1937)
We're in the Legion Now (1936)
El carnaval del diablo (1936)
Yellow Cargo (1936)
The Devil on Horseback (1936)
The People's Enemy (1935)
High School Girl (1934)
Tomorrow's Children (1934)

The Blood of His Fathers (1917)
The Painted Lie (1917)
The Conscience of John David (1916)
The Love Liar (1916)
Born in Athens, New York, Crane Wilbur began work on the stage as a teenager, playing in stock and
repertory companies until 1910, when he entered movies. He costarred with Pearl White in The Perils of
Pauline and other silents, but despite being one of the handsomest actors of his day, he turned to writing
and later split his career between stage and screen as an author, and subsequently turned to directing. His
Broadway credits include A Farewell to Arms and Mourning Becomes Electra. As a screenwriter, Wilbur's
work includes the scripts to films such as the Warner Bros. crime thrillers Blackwell's Island and Crime
School, and the classic thriller He Walked by Night, the horror classic House of Wax, the drama The
Phenix City Story, and the fantasy film Mysterious Island. As a director, his career was interesting if
somewhat less distinguished, beginning in 1934 at Fox with Tomorrow's Children, a topical drama about
forced sterilization. His 1951 Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison, seen by aspiring songwriter Johnny Cash,
became an inspiration for the song "Folsom Prison Blues." And his 1959 version of The Bat, starring
Vincent Price, was the best of numerous versions of the story.

Biography by Bruce Eder, AllMovie.com