~Chasing the Smugglers~
Directed by: Carlyle Blackwell

Carlyle Blackwell ... Lieutenant Rand
Louise Glaum ... Doris Wellington
Howard Gaye ... Captain Wellington
Raymond Hadley ... Randal - a Smuggler
Chance Ward ... Dan - one of Randal's Henchmen
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Kalem Company

Distribution Company: General Film Company

Length: 2 Reels
Runtime: 20 Minutes
Released: February 18, 1914
~Plot Synopsis~
While making a flight with an army aviator Doris, Rand's sweetheart, discovers the activity of
smugglers headed by Randal and Dan. The girl reports her discovery to her brother, Captain
Wellington. Rand is ordered to go on the trail of the smugglers. Rand hastens to the dock where Doris
has seen the smugglers at work, but finds the quarry flown. A clue enables him to trace the band to a
Chinatown dive. The lieutenant is seen approaching, however. By the time he enters the place,
Randal and his men have escaped. Randal gives up the hunt for the time being. Elated with his
success, Randal sends Dan to the Orient for opium. Two months later, Dan returns. As the liner nears
shore, the smuggler ties the opium cans to cork floats and throws them overboard. Randal meets him
at the dock. Rand sees the two in conversation. The young officer follows the men. The smugglers
board their power boat, the "May," and head for the spot indicated by Dan. Rand gives the alarm and
follows in his motor boat. The smugglers recover the opium. One of their number discovers Rand
approaching. Turning on full speed, the smugglers attempt to escape. A revenue cutter is sent to
Rand's assistance. Rand overtakes the smugglers and leaps aboard the vessel. In the struggle that
ensues, the officer and Dan go overboard. Unable to swim, the smuggler is saved from death by Rand,
who holds him up until the revenue cutter approaches. With capture imminent, Randal throws the
opium overboard. It is recovered by Rand. A few minutes later the revenue cutter overtakes the May,
and the smugglers are placed under arrest.

—Moving Picture World synopsis