~Brooding Eyes~
Directed by: Edward LeSaint

Written by:
Pierre Gendron
Mary Alice Scully

Based on the novel by John Goodwin

Lionel Barrymore ... Slim Jim Carey
Ruth Clifford ... Joan Ayre
Robert Ellis ... Phillip Mott
Montagu Love ... Pat Callaghan
William V. Mong ... Slaney
Lucien Littlefield ... Bell
John Miljan ... Drummond
Dot Farley ... Marie De Costa
Alma Bennett ... Agnes De Costa
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Banner Productions

Distribution Companies:
Henry Ginsberg Distributing Company (1926) (USA) (theatrical)
Wardour Films (1926) (UK) (theatrical)

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: Approximately 60 Minutes
Released: March 15, 1926
~Plot Synopsis~
Pat Callaghan, a gangleader, informs his henchmen--Slaney, Bell, and Drummond--that their former
leader, Slim Jim Carey, was in reality Lord Tallbois and that Joan Ayre, Carey's daughter, is the
rightful owner of the Knayth estate. Unknown to the gang, Carey returns to spy on them through the
eyes of a portrait of himself on the mantel. At the estate, Phillip Mott, a barrister, is showing Joan the
house when Slaney, disguised as a butler, recognizes her. Carey, dressed as a tramp, learns Joan's
identity and threatens Slaney, while Bell, posing as an attorney, tells Joan of her parentage and has
her sign over money to him. The gang conspires to present Agnes De Costa, daughter of Carey's
ex-mistress, as the true heiress, but Carey informs Mott of the truth. At a banquet, Carey is shot by
the gang and dies in Joan's arms. Mott finds happiness with the girl.