~Ben Hur~
Directed by:
Sidney Olcott
Frank Oakes Rose

Written by: Gene Gauntier

Based on the novel by Lew Wallace.

William S. Hart ... Messala (uncredited)
Herman Rottger ... Ben Hur (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Kalem Company

Produced by:  
William S. Hart
Frank Marion
Harry T. Morey
Frank Oakes Rose
Music by: Edgar Stillman Kelly
Cinematography by: Harry T. Morey & Frank Oakes Rose

Length: 1 Reel
Runtime: 15 Minutes
Released: December 7, 1907
~Plot Synopsis~
The scene opens with an assembly of citizens who are harangued by one of their number, whose
words have great weight with the crowd, and their attitude of approval shows that Roman misrule in
Jerusalem has reached its climax. Heralds now approach and Roman soldiers beat back the crowd to
make way for the approach of the Roman Procurator. The scene changes to the home of Ben Hur,
who is seen with his sister and mother on the house top. The cavalcade of Roman troops approaches,
and to get a near view Ben Hur leans from the coping and knocks down one of the stones thereof onto
the shoulder of the Procurator. This is seen and misconstrued by the Governor, who orders soldiers
to arrest the inmates; they, after ineffectual pleas and struggles, are carried off. Ben Hur is consigned
to the galleys, where he is loaded with chains. Here he signalizes himself by saving the life of Arrias,
who publicly adopts him as his son and proclaims him a Roman citizen amidst the acclamations of the
assembled crowd in the forum. Now comes the scene in the games where Ben Hur is challenged by
Messala, and accepts it, to the great delight of the citizens. The chariots and athletes parade before
the dais and in due time are arranged, and the chariot race commences. Three times 'round the ring
dash the chariots, and at the fourth turn Ben Hur comes out the victor and is crowned with the
wreath, to the great, chagrin of Messala, who is borne on a stretcher, wounded to death.