~Ann Christy~

Born: May 31, 1905 in Logansport, Indiana, USA
Died: November 14, 1987 (age 82) in Vernon, Texas, USA
Behind Stone Walls (1932) ... Peg Harper - Bob's Girlfriend
Dream House (Short) (1932) ... Betty Brooks
Hollywood Halfbacks (Short) (1931)
Big Ears (Short) (1931) ... Wheezer's mother
Divorced Sweethearts (Short) (1930) ... Alice Burton
The Fourth Alarm (1930) ... Helen Griffith
Hello, Television (Short) (1930) ... Ann Martin
Goodbye Legs (Short) (1930) ... Ann Burton
Schoolmates (Short) (1930) ... Judy
Halloween (Short) (1930) ... Judy
Chinese Blues (Short) (1930) ... Judy
Seeing Stars (Short) (1930) ... Judy
Arabian Daze (Short) (1930) ... Judy
A Royal Four-Flush (Short) (1930)
Footlight Follies (Short) (1930) ... Judy
Live Ghosts (Short) (1930) ... Judy
Steeplechase (Short) (1930) ... Judy

The Take-Off (Short) (1929) ... Judy
Hi-Jack and the Game (Short) (1929) ... Judy
Lady of Lions (Short) (1929) ... Judy
The Lariat Kid (1929) ... Mary Lou
Just Off Broadway (1929) ... Nan Morgan
The Water Hole (1928) ... Dolores
The Love Charm (Short) (1928) ... Nita
Say Uncle (Short) (1928)
Speedy (1928) ... Jane Dillon
Ocean Blues (Short) (1927)
The Kid Sister (1927) ... Mary Hall
No Sparking (Short) (1927)
Queer Ducks (Short) (1927)
Dumb Belles (Short) (1927)
Long Pants (1927) ... Minor Role (uncredited)
A 1928 Wampas Baby Star best remembered for replacing Jobyna Ralston in Harold Lloyd's Speedy
(1928), Ann Christy (born Gladys Cronin) was discovered by comedian Bobby Vernon while visiting a
movie studio. Contracted by comedy specialist Al Christie, who renamed her in honor of himself, Christy
became the screen's typical Irish colleen, pretty and wistful. Her burgeoning career, sadly, was derailed
by a serious automobile accident that necessitated plastic surgery. After appearing in a couple of Mack
Sennett two-reelers with newcomer Bing Crosby and several low-budget melodramas of little or no
consequence, she retired to marry millionaire Robert Moore Jr. The couple settled on what was described
as a 500,000-acre Texas ranch and Ann Christy later pursued a career restoring such historical buildings
as the former Tombstone home of Virgil Earp.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
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