~Alias Jimmy Valentine~
Written & Directed by: Maurice Tourneur

Based on the play by Paul Armstrong and the story "A Retrieved
Reformation," by O. Henry

Robert Warwick ... Jimmy Valentine
Robert Cummings ... Doyle
Alec B. Francis ... Bill Avery
Frederick Truesdell ... Lt. Gov. Fay
Ruth Shepley ... Rose Fay
Johnny Hines ... Red Joclyn
D.J. Flanagan ... Cotton
Walter Craven ... Handler
John Boone ... Blinkey Davis
George Cummings  ... Doyle
Thomas Mott Osborne ... Himself
Nora Cecil ... Nurse (uncredited)
Madge Evans ... Child Locked in Vault (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Peerless Productions

Distribution Company: World Film

Executive Producer: William A. Brady

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: February 22, 1915

Filmed at:
Peerless Studios, Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA (studio)

And On Location at:
Sing Sing Penitentiary - 354 Hunter Street, Ossining, New York, USA
~Plot Synopsis~
Jimmy Valentine leads a double life; he is a respectable business man during the day, and an
infamous safecracker at night. As his companions are making a getaway by train after successfully
burgling a bank vault, Jimmy defends Rose Fay from the insults of Cotton, his crony, and
consequently is sentenced to ten years in Sing Sing after Cotton betrays him to the police. Three
years later during a prison inspection conducted by her father, Lieutenant Governor Fay, Rose
recognizes Jimmy and after he convinces her that he was unjustly convicted, she obtains his pardon.
As Lee Randall, Jimmy soon becomes the cashier in Fay's bank. While warding off his old associates
and trying to lead them from crime, Jimmy also assures Detective Doyle, who has a warrant for his
arrest, that he is not the notorious safecracker. When Rose's baby sister is accidentally locked in the
bank vault, Jimmy acknowledges his identity and rescues her. Rose intercedes with Doyle, who
destroys the warrant, and she romantically embraces Jimmy.