~Across To Singapore~
~354-127: Ernest Torrence & Anna Mae Wong~
~Plot Synopsis~
Across to Singapore was the second screen version of Ben Ames Williams' All the Brothers Were Valiant,
first filmed in 1923, and later remade in 1953. The plot is motivated by the deadly rivalry between two
seafaring brothers, virtuous deckhand Joel Shore (Ramon Novarro) and wicked Captain Mark Shore
(Ernest Torrence). Forced into a marriage with Mark, Priscilla Crowninshield (Joan Crawford) tries to be
loyal to her husband but falls in love with Joel instead. Things reach a fever pitch when mutinous first
mate Finch (James Mason) strands Shore in Singapore and takes Joel and Priscilla prisoner. Mark catches
up with his ship and kills the mutineers, but when he realizes that his wife is now deeply in love with his
brother, he considerately sacrifices his own life in the climactic melee.

Plot Synopsis from allmovie.com
Directed by: William Nigh    

Writing credits:
Ted Shane - adaptation
Richard Schayer - continuity
Joseph Farnham - titles

Based on the novel  All the Brothers Were Valiant  by Ben Ames Williams
(New York, 1919).

Ramon Novarro ...  Joel Shore
Joan Crawford ...  Priscilla Crowninshield
Ernest Torrence ...  Captain Mark Shore
Frank Currier ...  Jeremiah Shore
Dan Wolheim ...  Noah Shore
Duke Martin ...  Matthew Shore
Edward Connelly ...  Joshua Croninshield
Jim Mason ...  Ship's Mate Finch
Pat Harmon ...  Sailor from the Santa Rosa (uncredited)
Chris-Pin Martin ...  Sailor from the Santa Rosa (uncredited)
Anna May Wong ...  Singapore Woman (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced and Released by: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Produced by: William Nigh  
Cinematography by: John F. Seitz    
Film Editing by: Ben Lewis    
Set Decoration by: Cedric Gibbons - settings  
Wardrobe: David Cox

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 85 Minutes
Released: April 7, 1928
~354-98 Ramon Novarro & Joan Crawford~
~354-155: Joan Crawford~