~Across the Pacific~
~AP-131: Monte Blue & unknown~
~AP-262: Monte Blue and cast~
~AP-279: Monte Blue, Walter McGrail & Edgar Kennedy~
~Plot Synopsis~
Upon discovering his father's disgrace from the reading of his will, Monte leaves his sweetheart, Claire
Marsh, and enlists to fight in the Spanish-American war. Under the leadership of Aguinaldo, their
guerrilla chieftain, the Filipinos swear death to the American invaders. As a last resort, Monte is ordered
to ingratiate himself with Roma, a half caste who follows the troops of Aguinaldo; soon she becomes
infatuated with Monte. Colonel Marsh and his daughter, Claire, arrive at the post; and Roma, who finds a
picture of Claire in Monte's effects, makes passionate love to Monte in Claire's presence. After a series of
adventures, Monte obtains the directions to Aguinaldo's camp and brings about the defeat of the
insurrectionists. The grief-stricken Claire has agreed to marry Grover, but Monte returns to denounce
him as a traitor. Monte and Claire are reunited.  

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Directed by: Roy Del Ruth

Written by:
Darryl F. Zanuck - adaptation (as Darryl Francis Zanuck)

Based on the novel Across the Pacific by Charles E. Blaney (New York,

Monte Blue ...Monte
Jane Winton ...Claire Marsh
Myrna Loy ...Roma
Charles Stevens ...Emilio Aguinaldo
Tom Wilson ...Tom
Walter McGrail ...Capt. Grover
Herbert Prior ...Col. Marsh
Edgar Kennedy ...Cpl. Ryan
Theodore Lorch ...Aguinaldo's Agent
Sôjin (as Sojin)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Warner Bros. Pictures

Cinematography by: Byron Haskin
Assistant Director: D. Ross Lederman
Assistant Camera: Frank Kesson

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 78 Minutes
Released: October 2, 1926