~Four Devils~
~M-2-110: Charles Morton and Mary Duncan~
~Plot Synopsis~
The circus provides the backdrop for this melodrama that chronicles the lives of four children raised
within the big top. Two of them have grown to be lovers. Though they appear inseparable, trouble
ensues when a usurper takes the girl away. The picture is considered a lost work -- no copies are known
to have survived. It was nonetheless regarded as an excellent film upon release (hence the 3.5 star
rating); a 1928 Variety review proclaimed it "an elegantly produced, photographed, and directed
picture by Fox, of high value regular release quality, and missing the super height class only because it is
missing any one big kick."

Plot Synopsis from allmovie.com
Directed by: F.W. Murnau

Written by:
John Hunter Booth - dialogue
Carl Mayer - writer
Marion Orth - writer
Berthold Viertel - writer

Based on the novel De Fire Djaevle; excentrisk novelle by Herman Joachim
Bang (Kristiania, 1895).

Anders Randolf ...  Cecchi
Barry Norton ...  Adolf
Charles Morton ...  Charles
Janet Gaynor ...  Marion
André Cheron ...  Old roue
George Davis ...  Mean clown
Philippe De Lacy ...  Adolf as a boy
Nancy Drexel ...  Louise
Mary Duncan ...  The lady
Wesley Lake ...  Old clown
Anita Louise ...  Louise as a girl
J. Farrell MacDonald ...  The clown
Claire McDowell ...  Woman
Jack Parker ...  Charles as a boy
Anne Shirley ...  Marion as a girl
Michael Visaroff ...  Circus director
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Fox Film Corporation

Produced by: William Fox
Director of Photography: Ernest Palmer
Director of Photography: L. W. O'Connell  
Film Editor: Harold Schuster  

Length: 12 Reels
Runtime: 125 minutes
Released: September 15, 1929

Nominated: Academy Awards for Best Cinematography, 1929
~M-2-143: Janet Gaynor & Charles Morton~
~M-2-6: Philippe De Lacy~
~M-2-129: Charles Farrell & Mary Duncan~
~Janet Gaynor & Nancy Drexel~