~Why Women Remarry~
~Seely Portrait of Ethel Grey Terry & Milton

Milton Sills ...  Dan Hannon
Ethel Grey Terry ...  Mary Talbot
William Lowery ...  Martin Tablot
Marion Feducha ...  Jimmy Talbot
Jeanne Carpenter ...  Mildred Talbot
Wilfred Lucas ...  Mr. Compton
Clarissa Selwynne ...  Mrs. Compton
James Barton ...  Don Compton
Anita Simons ...  Mrs. McKinnon
George Hayes ...  Tuck McKinnon
Tom McGuire ...  Robert Milton (as Thomas McGuire)
Bud Geary ...  Billy (as Maine Geary)
Carol Holloway ...  Dan Hannon's sister
Westcott Clarke ...  Dan Hannon's sister's first husband (as W.B. Clarke)
Robert Walker ...  Dan Hannon's sister's second husband
Directed by: John Gorman

Written by: Van A. James - story
A woman and her two children are left alone after her husband is murdered in this sentimental society
melodrama. A wealthy politician turns his back on his son to avoid scandal when the offspring is accused
of the killing. Dan Hampton (Milton Sills) is the kind-hearted policeman who carefully investigates the
crime and looks after the young widow and her family. Ethel Grey Terry, William Lowrey, and Marion
Feducha co-star in this contrived feature.

Plot Synopsis by Dan Pavlides, AllMovie.com
~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: John Gorman Productions

Distribution Company: Associated Photoplays

Producer: John Gorman  

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: October 30, 1923