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Thank you for visiting You may notice at the top of
each page, a donate link and an eBay Store button.  And I am sure you
may ask why should you donate or buy from eBay listings?

Currently, Silent is completely self-funded by me only. I
buy lots on eBay, add the images to and then in
turn sell off the images individually on eBay to create more funds for But my work alone will never build to the site it should be.

So, if you enjoy this site and have found it a good place for research and
just plain entertainment, consider donating to this site. One way you can
contribute is to send images from your own personal collection. This if
very helpful and I have a handful of silent film fans and historians that
have contributed this way. Another way to contribute is to donate
biographies and plot synopsis of films.  I try to provide information in the
area, but I cannot do all of it by myself. Lastly, a monetary donation can
be made to help our efforts to buy lots on eBay. I have lost many
important lots for the simple reason that I could not afford them.

Currently, we are working on making a non-profit
organization. It is not finalized, and although it is already a non-profit
entity, we have not completed the legal process. This is in the works and
as soon as we are confirmed as a non-profit organization, it will be
addressed here.

Another way you can support our site, is to buy from our eBay listings.
We auction a collection about once a month, usually at the beginning of
the month. Simply by adding to your collection, you help the efforts to
preserve these very rare images.

Kay Shackleton