~White Lies~
~L17-14: Gladys Brockwell, Josephine Cromwell & Violet Schram~
~Plot Synopsis~
This Fox drama was based on an old novel by Charles Reade, and brought up to date to take place during
the Great War (better known today as World War I). The Baroness de Beaurepaire (Josephine Crowell)
prizes her estate above all else, even though she and her daughters, Josephine (Gladys Brockwell) and
Rose (Violet Schram), are facing poverty. The girls tell their mother little white lies so that she doesn't
realize that the estate has been sold to Colonel Jean Raynal (Charles K. French). Josephine has a
sweetheart, Lieutenant Camille du Jordin (William Scott), and when a report reveals him to be a traitor to
his country, she is heartbroken. Raynal has fallen in love with her and he proposes. Josephine accepts,
although she still misses Camille. Right after they are wed, Raynal heads for the front. He is reported as a
casualty of the war, and Camille returns with a medal for bravery. Josephine happily marries him and
they have a child. Raynal returns, not dead after all. When he demands to know where Josephine's child
came from, Rose takes responsibility for it, which causes a temporary rift between her and her own
sweetheart, Edouard Riviere (Evans Kirk). Eventually the truth comes out, and Raynal decides to have his
marriage to Josephine annulled so she can be with Camille.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Edward LeSaint

Based on the novel  White Lies  by Charles Reade (Boston, 1857).

Gladys Brockwell ...  Josephine
William Scott ...  Lieutenant Camille Du Jordin
Josephine Crowell ...  Baroness De Beaurepaire
Evans Kirk ...  Surgeon Edouard Riviere
Violet Schram ...  Rose
Charles K. French ...  Colonel Jean Raynal
Howard Scott ...  Monsieur Perrin
Lule Warrenton ...  Jacintha
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Fox Film Corporation

Length: 5 Reels
Released: June 1, 1920