~Welcome Stranger~
~Plot Synopsis~
~A Plot Synopsis for "Welcome Stranger," is coming soon!~
Directed by: James Young

Written by:
H.H. Caldwell - titles
Katherine Hilliker - titles
Willard Mack - adaptation
James Young - adaptation

Based on the play  Welcome Stranger  by Aaron Hoffman
(New York, 13 Sep 1920).

Dore Davidson ...  Isadore Solomon
Florence Vidor ...  Mary Clark
Virginia Brown Faire ...  Essie Solomon
Noah Beery ...  Icabod Whitson
Lloyd Hughes ...  Ned Tyler
Robert Edeson ...  Eb Hooker
William V. Mong ...  Clem Beemis
Otis Harlan ...  Seth Trimble
Fred J. Butler ...  Gideon Tyler
Pat Hartigan ...  Detective
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Belasco Productions

Distribution Company: Producers Distributing Corporation

Cinematography by: Georges Benoît

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: August 24, 1924
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~186-12: Noah Beery, Robert Edeson, Dore Davidson, William
V. Mong, Fred J. Butler & Otis Harlan~
~186-14: Virginia Brown Faire & Dore Davidson~
~186-16: Virginia Brown Faire & Dore Davidson~
~186-32: Noah Beery, Dore Davidson, Robert Edeson,
Florence Vidor, William V. Mong, Fred J. Butler & Otis Harlan~
~186-36: William V. Mong, Dore Davidson & Florence Vidor~
~186-39: William V. Mong, Dore Davidson, Florence Vidor &
Lloyd Hughes~
~186-41: Dore Davidson, Florence Vidor, William V. Mong &
Lloyd Hughes~
~186-43: Dore Davidson & Florence Vidor~
~186-46: Lloyd Hughes & Florence Vidor~
~186-53: Noah Beery, William V. Mong, Dore Davidson &
Virginia Brown Faire~
~186-55: Noah Beery & Virginia Brown Faire~
~186-59: Lloyd Hughes, Florence Vidor & Dore Davidson~
~186-69: Dore Davidson, Virginia Brown Faire, Lloyd Hughes,
Florence Vidor & William V. Mong~
~186-74: Otis Harlan, Dore Davidson, Robert Edeson, Virginia
Brown Faire, William V. Mong, Fred J. Butler, Florence Vidor &
Lloyd Hughes~
~186-77: Lloyd Hughes & Florence Vidor~