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~Thy Name Is Woman~
~Director Fred Niblo, Wallace MacDonald, Barbara La
Marr, Ramon Novarro & William V. Mong~
~Director Fred Niblo & Edith Roberts on the set of Thy Name
is Woman
~Plot Synopsis~
Ramon Novarro and Barbara LaMarr, the featured players who made such an impression in The
Prisoner of Zenda, reunite in this drama as stars. Juan Ricardo (Novarro) is a soldier in the Spanish
army. He is offered a promotion to sergeant if he will seduce Guerrita (LaMarr), the young wife of
Pedro, an old smuggler (William V. Mong), and get his hands on the illicit goods. It gets complicated,
however, when Ricardo and Guerrita fall in love. Guerrita tries to convince him to desert the army, but
her husband Pedro discovers the affair, and informs the Commandante (Robert Edeson). Pedro then
kills his wife and dies of heart failure. Ricardo is about to be court-martialed, but the Commandante's
daughter, Dolores (Edith Roberts) saves him. She argues that he should not have been forced to be a
traitor to a woman, and the fact that he refused makes him chivalrous. This film was based on Benjamin
Glazer's version of the play by Karl Schoenherr. Bess Meredyth wrote the screenplay.

Plot Synopsis from
Directed by: Fred Niblo    

Written by: Bess Meredyth - adaptation & screenplay

Based on the play Thy Name Is Woman by C. Schöner (trans. by Benjamin
Floyer Glazer; New York, 15 Nov 1920).

Ramon Novarro ...  Juan Ricardo
Barbara La Marr ...  Guerita
William V. Mong ...  Pedro the Fox (Guerita's husband)
Wallace MacDonald ...  Capt. Rodrigo de Castelar
Robert Edeson ...  The Comandante
Edith Roberts ...  Dolores (Juan's daughter)
Claire McDowell ...  Juan's mother
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Louis B. Mayer Productions

Distribution Company: Metro Pictures Corporation

Executive Produced: Louis B. Mayer  
Cinematography by: Victor Milner    
Film Editing by: Lloyd Nosler    
Production Design by: Howard Grieve
Art Direction by: Ben Carré

Length: 9 Reels
Released: February 4, 1924
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