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~Plot Synopsis~
Sierra Bill (William S. Hart), the leader of an outlaw band, becomes infatuated with a poster of Nelly
Gray (Eva Novak), the violinist in a band of strolling players. Upon discovering that the troupe has
been stranded by their manager, the bandits decide to draw lots for the women and Bill, half crazed
with drink, wins Nelly and forces her to marry him. Two years pass and Bill has settled down with his
wife and baby boy Sonny (Richard Headrick) when Ringe (Gordon Russell), a former member of the
outlaws, appears accompanied by Rosita (Florence Carpenter), a girl of whom he has long since tired.
Plotting to steal Nelly from Bill, Ringe convinces Nelly that her husband is unfaithful, causing her to
leave Bill and obtain work as a violinist in a dance hall. When Sonny falls ill, Bill sells his loyal pony
Pinto for money to pay the doctor's bills, but when the horse's new owner mistreats the animal, Bill
attacks him and is jailed. Learning that Ringe is behind his misery, Bill escapes, and in the ensuing
chase, Ringe is stomped to death by Pinto. Bill finds Nelly playing in the dance hall and the two are
reunited. Hart penned the story for this moralistic western directed in the usual stark way by Hart
collaborator Lambert Hillyer.

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Directed by: Lambert Hillyer

Written by:
William S. Hart - screenplay & story
Lambert Hillyer   scenario & screenplay

William S. Hart ...  'Sierra' Bill
Eva Novak ...  Nelly Gray
J. Gordon Russell ...  Ringe
Florence Carpenter ...  Rosita
Richard Headrick ...  Sonny
Ira McFadden ...  Slim
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: William S. Hart Productions

Distributed by: Paramount-Artcraft Pictures

Cinematography by: Joseph H. August
Film Editing by: LeRoy Stone
Art Direction by: J.C. Hoffner

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 75 Minutes
Released: December 26, 1920
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~L357-62: William S. Hart, Eva Novak & Richard Headrick ~
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