~The Shooting of Dan McGrew~
~Plot Synposis~
The wooden performances by a usually fine cast of players suggest that the script to this melodrama --
based on the poem The Spell of the Yukon by Robert W. Service -- is to blame. Barbara LaMarr plays "the
lady known as Lou," who is stuck performing in a divey South American cabaret where her husband, Jim
(Percy Marmont), plays piano. When "Dangerous Dan" McGrew (Lew Cody) promises to put her name in
lights on Broadway, Lou takes off with him, hoping to make enough money to send for Jim and their little
boy (Philippe deLacy). Jim follows and catches up with McGrew in a New York nightclub. The two men
fight it out and the place catches fire. Jim only narrowly escapes from the flames. McGrew takes Lou up to
an Alaskan saloon, where she lures gamblers to his games. Jim shows up in Alaska and finally gives
McGrew the fatal shot he deserves. When he discovers that Lou has been faithful to him this whole time,
the couple is reunited. Service's poem was filmed once before, in 1915.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Clarence G. Badger

Written by: Winifred Dunn

Based on the poem by Robert W. Service.

Barbara La Marr ...  Lady Known as Lou
Lew Cody ...  Dangerous Dan McGrew
Mae Busch ...  Flo Dupont
Percy Marmont ...  Jim, Lou's Husband
Max Asher ...  Isadore Burke
Fred Warren ...  The Ragtime Kid
George Siegmann ...  Jake Hubbel
Nelson McDowell ...  Sea Captain
Bert Sprotte ...  Beachcomber
Ina Anson ...  A Dancer
Philippe De Lacy ...  Little Jim
Harry Lorraine ...  An Actor
Eagle Eye ...  Miguel
Milla Davenport ...  Madame Resault
William Eugene ...  Purser
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
S-L Productions

Distribution Company: Metro Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Rudolph J. Bergquist
Costume Design by: Max Rée
Supervisor: Arthur H. Sawyer

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: March 31, 1924