~The Magic Flame~
~Vilma Banky & Ronald Coleman~

Ronald Colman ...  Tito the Clown / The Count
Vilma Bánky ...  Bianca, the Aerial Artist
Agostino Borgato ...  The Ringmaster
Gustav von Seyffertitz ...  The Chancellor
Harvey Clark ...  The Aide
Shirley Palmer ...  The Wife
Cosmo Kyrle Bellew ...  The Husband
George Davis ...  The Utility Man
André Cheron ...  The Manager
Vadim Uraneff ...  The Visitor
Meurnier-Surcouf ...  Sword Swallower
Paoli ...  Weight Thrower
William Bakewell   
Austen Jewell
Directed by: Henry King

Written by:
Rudolph Lothar - play "Konig Harlekin"
George Marion Jr. - titles
June Mathis - continuity
Bess Meredyth - writer
Nellie Revell - titles
~A Plot Synopsis for "The Magic Flame," is coming soon!~
~Plot Synopsis~