~The Lovelorn~
~Larry Kent and Molly O'Day~
~331-67: Caption on back of the original photo read: Molly
O'Day and Larry Kent in a scene from the Cosmopolitan
production of "The Lovelorn" directed by John P. McCarthy
for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.~
~331-49: Sally O'Neil, Molly O'Day & Larry Kent
~331-81: Larry Kent & Sally O'Neil~
~Plot Synopsis~
~A Plot Synopsis from "The Love Lorn," is coming soon!~
Directed by: John P. McCarthy

Written by:
Beatrice Fairfax - story
Frederic Hatton - titles
Bradley King - writer

Sally O'Neil ...  Georgie Hastings
Molly O'Day ...  Ann Hastings
Larry Kent ...  Bill Warren
James Murray ...  Charlie
Charles Delaney ...  Jimmy
George Cooper ...  Joe Sprotte
Allan Forrest ...  Ernest Brooks
Dorothy Cumming ...  Beatrice Fairfax