~The Heart  of Youth~
~L308-7: Lila Lee and unknown boy~
~L308-12: Buster Irving, Lila Lee, Gertrude Short, Vera Sisson & Fay Lemport~
~Plot Synopsis~
Lila Lee spent the early part of her film career playing sweet young things in innocuous pictures such as
this one. Josephine Darchat (Lila Lee), living with her grandparents, the Whipples (Charles Ogle & Fanny
Midgley), in the country, loves Russ Prendergast (Tom Forman), the son of wealthy Calvin Prendergast
(Guy Oliver), despite the dispute between the families over a spring between their two properties. The
feud intensifies when children from the camp situated on the Prendergast land mess the Whipples'
kitchen making molasses candy. After the children substitute an old cook's false hair for flowers left by
Russ with a love note to Josephine, she stops speaking to him. When the younger Prendergast children
hide the Whipple cat, Josephine destroys the dam which brings spring water to the Prendergast
property. In the middle of a large fight involving thugs hired by the Prendergasts and neighbors
supporting the Whipples, Josephine tries to save a young Prendergast child from drowning and, in turn,
is saved by Russ. The families reconcile, the lovers reunite, and the cat, hidden in a well, returns to the

Plot Synopsis is a combination of Plot Synopses from allmovie.com and afi.com
Directed by: Robert G. Vignola    

Written by: Beulah Marie Dix - screenplay

Based on the novel Friends in the End by Beulah Marie Dix (publication

Lila Lee ...  Josephine Darchat
Tom Forman ...  Russ Prendergast
Buster Irving ...  Jimmy
Charles Ogle ...  Os Whipple
Fanny Midgley ...  Mitty Whipple
Guy Oliver ...  Calvin Prendergast
Lydia Knott ...  Mrs. Prendergast
Fay Lemport ...  Mildred
Gertrude Short ...  Cora
Cameron Coffey ...  Dickey
Vera Sisson ...  Evie Atherton
Lewis Sargent ...  Lorenzo
Sylvia Ashton ...  The Cook
Robert Brower ...  The Squire
Edward Alexander ...  Abner
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Cinematography by: Henry Kotani    
Assistant Director: Philip Carlbeck
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: August 24, 1919