~The Great Deception~
~Aileen Pringle & Ben Lyon~
~Plot Synopsis~
Cyril Mansfield, a handsome young Englishman, is associated with the German Secret Service as a spy in
England but is loyal to British intelligence, of which he is a member. He is loved by Lois, an American
whose favor is sought by Rizzio, also a double agent, who suspects Cyril's disloyalty to Germany. With
the intention of conveying false information to the Imperial German Government, Cyril, accompanied by
his faithful mechanic, Handy, and by Lois, escapes to Germany, though Lois is herself abducted by Rizzio
and brought to headquarters in a U-boat. Innocently, she betrays Cyril, and they are both sentenced to
death. On a pretense of aiding Cyril, Rizzio urges Lois to accompany him on a diplomatic mission, but
Cyril and Handy overcome their captors; and Lois and Cyril escape to England in his aircraft.

Plot Synopsis from AFI.com
Directed by: Howard Higgin

Written by: Paul Bern

Based on the novel The Yellow Dove by George Gibbs (New York, 1915).

Ben Lyon ...  Cyril Mansfield
Aileen Pringle ...  Lois
Basil Rathbone ...  Rizzio
Sam Hardy ...  Handy
Charlotte Walker ...  Mrs. Mansfield
Amelia Summerville ...  Lady Jane
Hubert Wilke ...  General Von Frankenhauser
Lucien Prival ...  Von Markow
Lucius Henderson ...  Burton
Mark Gonzales ...  Maxwell
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Produced by: Robert Kane Productions

Distributed by: First National Pictures

Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: July 25, 1926