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~The Governor's Lady~
~GL27: Edith Wynne Matthison~
~GL29: Edith Wynne Matthison~
~GL35: May Allison, James Neill, Unknown Actor, Unknown Actress, Theodore Roberts, Tom Forman
and Edith Wynne Matthison~
~GL42: Edith Wynne Matthison & James Neill~
~Plot Synopsis~
Daniel Slade, a miner, leads a humble life in a mountain cabin with his wife Mary. They both look
forward to the birth of their child and are greatly disappointed when Mary has a miscarriage. After
Daniel discovers gold, their newly acquired wealth creates a division between them; while Daniel
becomes ambitious to join higher society and make a name for himself, Mary wants to keep her homey
ways. In the city, Mary refuses to meet Daniel's political friends fearing she will embarrass him. When
Daniel, tired of Mary, announces his intention to divorce her and marry Katherine Strickland, the
daughter of his friend, Senator Strickland, who has encouraged him to enter politics, Mary makes
Katherine see what she is doing is wrong. Mary goes back to her cabin, and although Daniel becomes
governor, he realizes he loves Mary and persuades her to return. Katherine is forgiven by her
sweetheart, and Mary takes her place in society as the governor's lady.  

Plot Synopsis from
Directed by: George Melford

Written by:
William C. de Mille - scenario

Based on the play The Governor's Lady by Alice Bradley (New York, 10 Sep

May Allison ...Katherine Strickland
Edith Wynne Matthison ...Mary Slade (as Edith Wynne Mathison)
James Neill ...Daniel Slade
Theodore Roberts ...Senator Strickland
Tom Forman ...Robert Hayes
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company

Distributed by:
Famous Players-Lasky Corporation
Paramount Pictures

Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Released: March 14, 1915
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