~The Glorious Fool~
~A Promotional Photograph from The California Theater to
promote the screening of "The Glorious Fool," for the week of
January 29th, 1922~
~Plot Synopsis~
Billy Grant, who is jilted by his society sweetheart because of his alcoholism, gets drunk, drives his car
into a motor truck, and wakes up in a hospital. Anxious to prevent his relatives from falling heir to his
property, he persuades his probationary nurse, Jane Brown, to marry him. Billy recovers. While
convalescent he decides to go home and, although he loves Jane, to free her. When she is threatened with
expulsion for being out after hours, Billy discovers that she has gone to comfort a young girl in the
maternity ward; he defends Jane, and she promises to live with him as his wife.
Directed by: E. Mason Hopper

Written by:
J.G. Hawks - writer

Based on the stories "In the Pavillion" and "Twenty-Two," by Mary Roberts

Helene Chadwick ...  Jane Brown
Richard Dix ...  Billy Grant
Vera Lewis ...  Miss Hart
Kate Lester ...  Head Nurse
Otto Hoffman ...  Dummy
John Lince ...  Jenks
Theodore von Eltz ...  Senior Surgical Interne
Frederick Vroom ...  Mr. Lindley Grant
Lillian Langdon ...  Mrs. Lindley Grant
George Cooper ...  Al
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: John J. Mescall

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: September 1922