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~The Girl With The Jazz Heart~
~Madge Kennedy, William Walcott & Joe King~
~Plot Synopsis~
~A Plot Synopsis for "The Girl With The Jazz Heart," is coming soon!~
Directed by: Lawrence C. Windom

Written by:
Philip Lonergan - writer
George Mooser - writer
Robert T. Shannon - story

Madge Kennedy ...  Kittie Swasher / Miriam Smith
Joe King ...  Miles Sprague
Pierre Gendron ...  Tommie Fredericks (as Leon Guerre Gendron)
William Walcott ...  Miriam's Uncle
Helen Dubois ...  Miriam's Aunt
Robert Vaughn ...  Simeon Althoff
Emil Hoch ...  Detective Quinn
Lillian Worth ...  Camille
Robert Emmett Tansey ...  Jimmie (as Robert Tansey)
Dorothy Haight ...  Mamie
Gilda Gray