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~The Flapper~
~Plot Synopsis~
In 1920s jargon, a "flapper" was a footloose young lady who, in keeping with a current fad, wore open-laced boots that
flapped as she walked. The word became a generic catchphrase, referring to any jazz-age female with a thirst for
excitement. The Flapper stars Olive Thomas as Ginger King, a capricious senator's daughter from a small town girl
attending an Eastern boarding school. She dreams of a more glamorous life. Dissatisfied with her military school
boyfriend, Bill Forbes (Theodore Westmore Jr.), she meets the older, intriguing Richard Channing (William P. Carlton)
and accompanies him to the country club dance. More bold after that adventure, Ginger, while on her way home for a
holiday, meets two crooks who entrust some stolen jewels to her for safekeeping. Ginger then puts the jewels on and
appears in her home town dressed as a vamp. . It's all innocent fun, of course, but for a while poor Ginger is suspected
of being as "loose" as the boots she wears. Once the crooks reappear, however, she realizes the seriousness of the
situation and gives up her pretensions to return to Bill. The film represented one of the last feature-film appearances by
Olive Thomas, who soon died under questionable circumstances; on a happier note, it represents the first screen
appearance by a young, fresh-faced extra named Norma Shearer.

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~If you are a fan of Olive
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Olive Thomas:  
Everybody's Sweetheart" as
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Directed by: Alan Crosland    

Written by: Frances Marion - screenplay & story

Olive Thomas ...  Ginger King
Warren Cook ...  Sen. King
Theodore Westman Jr. ...  Bill Forbes
Katherine Johnston ...  Hortense
Arthur Housman ...  Tom Morran
Louise Lindroth ...  Elmina Buttons
Charles Craig ...  Rev. Cushil
William P. Carleton ...  Richard Chenning
Marcia Harris ...  Mrs. Paddles
Bobby Connelly ...  King Jr
Aleene Bergman   
Barbara Butler   
Mildred Cheshire   
Russell Hewitt   
Dorothy Kent   
Maurice Steuart
Eileen Percy ...  Extra (uncredited)
Athole Shearer ...  Extra (uncredited)
Norma Shearer ...  Schoolgirl (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Selznick Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: John W. Brown    
Presenter: Myron Selznick

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 55 Minutes
Released: May 10, 1920
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