~The Extra Girl~
Directed by: F. Richard Jones

Written by:
Bernard McConville - writer
Mack Sennett - story

Mabel Normand ... Sue Graham
Ralph Graves ... Dave Giddings
George Nichols ... Zachariah 'Pa' Graham
Anna Dodge ... Mary 'Ma' Graham (as Anna Hernandez)
Vernon Dent ... Aaron Applejohn
Ramsey Wallace ... T. Phillip Hackett
Charlotte Mineau ... Belle Brown
Mary Mason ... Actress
Max Davidson ... Tailor
Louise Carver ... Madame McCarthy - Wardrobe Mistress
William Desmond ... Himself - Actor
Carl Stockdale ... Director
Harry Gribbon ... Comedy Director
Billy Bevan ... Comedian
George Beranger ... Actor in Wardrobe Line (as André Beranger)
Teddy the Dog ... Teddy
Billy Armstrong ... Comedian in Derby (uncredited)
Duke the Dog ... Duke (uncredited)
Robert Dudley ... Financier (uncredited)
Charles K. French ... Studio Manager (uncredited)
Numa the Lion ... Numa (uncredited)
Jackie Lucas ... Son (uncredited)
Eric Mayne ... Lion Film Director (uncredited)
Elsie Tarron ... Actress (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Mack Sennett Comedies
Distribution Company: Associated Exhibitors

Producer by: Mack Sennett
Cinematography by:
Eric Crockett
Homer Scott

Length: 6-7 Reels
Runtime: 68 Minutes
Released: October 28, 1928
~Plot Synopsis~
Hometown girl Sue Graham wins a movie contest and goes to Hollywood when her parents forbid her to marry
Dave Giddings, her father's garage mechanic. Arriving in Hollywood, Sue finds that there is no work except in
their fortune to Hackett, Sue determines to recover the money. She does that, returns home, and marries Dave,
now the family hero.

Plot Synopsis from AFI.com
~110-7 Mabel Normand ~
~110-8: Mabel Normand ~
~110-12: Mabel Normand~
~110-39: Mabel Normand~
~110-45: Mabel Normand~
~110-67: Mabel Normand~
~1485-8: Mabel Normand~
~110-51: Mabel Normand~
~110-9: Mabel Normand & Ralph Graves~