~The Desert Flower~
~Colleen Moore~
~Plot Synopsis~
Maggie Fortune, who lives in a boxcar near a railroad line being built through the desert, is cruelly
treated by Mike Dyer, her stepfather, and goes to the mining town of Bullfrog, where she
encounters Rance Conway, a young derelict addicted to drink. Maggie attempts to get Rance to stop
drinking, but he repeatedly falls off the wagon, until finally she shames him into accepting a
grubstake from her. Rance goes prospecting and returns just as Mike Dyer arrives in town. Dyer is
shot by an unknown assailant, and Rance takes the blame in order to protect Maggie; Maggie also
confesses to the crime (to protect Rance), and the puzzled sheriff finally calls Dyer's death a suicide.
Having cured himself of drunkenness, Rance, who turns out to be the son of wealthy parents, asks
Maggie to marry him.  

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Directed by: Irving Cummings

Written by:
June Mathis

Based on the play The Desert Flower by Don Mullally (New York, 18 Nov

Colleen Moore ...  Maggie Fortune
Lloyd Hughes ...  Rance Conway
Kate Price ...  Mrs. McQuade
Gino Corrado ...  José Lee (as Geno Corrado)
Fred Warren ...  Dizzy
Frank Brownlee ...  Mike Dyer
Isabelle Keith ...  Inga Hulverson
Anna Mae Walthall ...  Flozella (as Anna May Walthall)
William Bailey ...  Jack Royal (as William Norton Bailey)
Monte Collins ...  Mr. McQuade
Ena Gregory ...  Fay Knight
Mary Louise Miller ...  Baby Gwen
~P36-8: Colleen Moore~
~P36-24: Gino Corrado & Colleen Moore~
~P36-36: Gino Corrado & Colleen Moore~
~P36-78: Lloyd Hughes & Colleen Moore~
~P36-85: Kate Price, Mary Louise Miller & Colleen Moore~
~P36-102: Colleen Moore & Lloyd Hughes~
~P36-118: Frank Brownlee & Colleen Moore~
~P36-189: Frank Brownlee & Colleen Moore~
~P36-191: Frank Brownlee & Colleen Moore~
~136-X: Lloyd Hughes & Colleen Moore~
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~P36-196: Lloyd Hughes & Colleen Moore~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: First National Pictures

Cinematography by: Ted D. McCord
Film Editing by: George McGuire
Art Direction by: Edward Shulter

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: June 21, 1925
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