~The Daffy Dill~
~Neal Burns & Edna Marion~
~Plot Synopsis~
Neal is so forgetful that he forgets it is his wedding day, and he is in the church as a spectator. Edna, his
bride-to-be, spots him and they are married. The bride returns to her home to pack for the honeymoon
trip, but Neal, the simpleton of the title, forgets to do so. He does recall that he had meant to propose to
Edna, so he calls her up and does so. Later, his new mother-in-law, has had enough and meets him at the
door with a shotgun.
Directed by: William Irving

Written by: Keene Thompson

Neal Burns   
Edna Marion   
Natalie Joyce ...  Vamp
William Irving
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Christie Film Company

Released by: Educational Film Exchanges

Produced by: Al Christie
Cinematography by: Alfred Jacquemin
Cartoons: Norman Z. McLeod

Length: 2 Reels
Runtime: 19 Minutes
Released: August 8, 1929