~Tell It To The Marines~
~Eleanor Boardman~
~Plot Synopsis~
A tough-as-nails Marine sergeant sets about training a rag-tag group of boys into men. Though
sporting a rough and gruff exterior, the sergeant is really a caring, gentle sort. During training, he is
especially rough on a smart-alecky young man, whom he hones into a first rate fighter. More
tension arise between the men when they fall for the same girl. In one of the film's highlights the
sarge, and his protégé save an imperiled group, including the girl, from a vicious gang of Chinese
bandits. After the rescue, the selfless sergeant gracefully steps aside and returns to training
recruits to allow the heroic young Marine and the girl to find romantic bliss. Featuring a nice blend
of comedy, adventure and romance, Tell It to the Marines was MGM's second highest grossing film
of 1926. It is also one of the rare instances when Lon Chaney, known as "the man of a thousand
faces," appeared sans elaborate make-up.

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Directed by: George W. Hill

Written by:
Richard Schayer - screenplay
Joseph Farnham - titles

Lon Chaney ...  Sgt. O'Hara
William Haines ...  Pvt. George Robert 'Skeet' Burns
Eleanor Boardman ...  Nurse Norma Dale
Eddie Gribbon ...  Cpl. Madden
Carmel Myers ...  Zaya (a native)
Warner Oland ...  Chinese bandit leader
Mitchell Lewis ...  Native starting fight
Frank Currier ...  Gen. Wilcox
Maurice E. Kains ...  Harry (as Maurice Kains)
Lori Bara ...  Navy Nurse (uncredited)
Dick Curtis ...  Marine in Barracks (uncredited)
Ray Erlenborn ...  Extra (uncredited)
Willie Fung ...  Guard at door of besieged clinic (uncredited)
H.H. Hopple ...  Marine (uncredited)
Sgt. Jiggs ...  Dog (uncredited)
Tetsu Komai ...  Hangchow leader (uncredited)
Nola Luxford ...  Navy Nurse (uncredited)
Daniel G. Tomlinson ...  Marine Major (uncredited)
Millard K. Wilson ...  Fight referee (uncredited)
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~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Distributed by: MGM

Produced by: George W. Hill  
Cinematography by: Ira H. Morgan
Film Editing by: Blanche Sewell    
Set Decoration by
Cedric Gibbons  & A. Arnold Gillespie  
Unit Manager: Frederic Leahy   
Second Assistant Directors: Arthur Rose & Jacques Tourneur
Assistant Director: Millard K. Wilson  
Stunts: Cy Clegg - horse wrangler (uncredited)  
Camera and Electrical Department
Melio Caluori ....  assistant camera (uncredited)  
Cecil R. Cooney ....  assistant camera (uncredited)  
Reggie Lanning ....  camera operator: additional photography (uncredited)  
Harold Lipstein ....  assistant camera (uncredited)  
James Manatt ....  still photographer (uncredited)  
Gordon Osbourne ....  assistant camera (uncredited)  
Bob Roberts ....  assistant camera (uncredited)  
Homer Van Pelt ....  still photographer (uncredited)  
Costume and Wardrobe Department: Kathleen Kay & Maude Marsh  
Military Consultant: Smedley Darlington Butler
Technical Advisor: H.H. Hopple

Length: 9 Reels
Runtime: 103 Minutes
Released: January 29, 1927
New York Premiere: December 23, 1926

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