~Sally Blane~

Born: July 11, 1910 in Salida, Colorado, USA
Died: August 27, 1997 in Los Angeles, California, USA
~Stars of the Photoplay, 1930~
~As a child, Betty Jane Young played in pictures, but her movie career did not really begin until she
left high school to play in Universal's "Collegians." She claims Sedilia, Colo, as her birthplace and
July 11, 1910 as the date. She is 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighs 118 has brown hair and hazel eyes and
was a Wampas Star of 1929. Her sisters, Loretta and Polly Ann, are also in pictures, but brother
Jack gave up his movie career to study law. Sally has legally adopted her screen name.~
Eyes of the Underworld (1929) .... Florence Hueston
Wolves of the City (1929) .... Helen Marsh
Outlawed (1929) .... Anne
King Cowboy (1928) .... Polly Randall
The Vanishing Pioneer (1928) .... June Shelby
Fools for Luck (1928) .... Louise Hunter
A Horseman of the Plains (1928) .... Dawn O'Day
Her Summer Hero (1928) .... Grave
Dead Man's Curve (1928) .... Ethel Hume
Wife Savers (1928) .... Colette
A Trip Through the Paramount Studio (1927) .... Herself
Shootin' Irons (1927) .... Lucy Blake
Rolled Stockings (1927) (uncredited)
Casey at the Bat (1927) .... Floradora Girl
Flashing Oars (1927) (uncredited) .... Betty Jane
The Relay (1927) (uncredited) .... Betty Jane
Around the Bases (1927) (uncredited) .... Betty Jane
The Last Lap (1926) (uncredited) .... Betty Jane
The Sheik (1921) (uncredited) .... Arab child
Sirens of the Sea (1917) (as Elizabeth Jane Young) .... Child
... aka Darlings of the Gods (UK)
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