~Alla Nazimova~

Charles Bryant ...  Paul Granville
Alla Nazimova ...  Joline (as Nazimova)
Frank Currier ...  The Prior
Syn De Conde ...  Duclos
Bigelow Cooper ...  Count Adrian de Roche
John Martin ...  Fra Augustine
Eugene Borden ...  Pierre
Phil Sanford ...  Mestaire (as Philip Sanford)
True James ...  The Monastery Gatekeeper
D.H. Turner ...  German Officer (as Dave Turner)
Fred Radcliffe ...  Patin
A.C. Hadley ...  Fochard
Hazel Washburn ...  Madeleine Brevort
Directed by: George D. Baker

Written by:
Ethel Browning - scenario  
George D. Baker - scenario

Based on the short story "The Rose-Bush of a Thousand Years" by Mabel
Wagnalls in  Snappy Stories  (October 18, 1916).
Dramatic actress Alla Nazimova made her leap from the stage into the screen world with this Metro
picture. Joline (Nazimova) is a dancer who gives up the cabarets to be the model and mistress of an
American artist, Paul Granville (Charles Bryant, Nazimova's business and romantic partner). His
paintings make him famous, but when he's commissioned by Count Adrian (Bigelow Cooper) for a
Madonna painting, Paul doubts that the worldly Joline can fit the bill. She convinces him, however,
and they sneak into a monastery to recreate the scene of the Madonna bringing life to a barren
rosebush. Amazingly the bush, which had promptly returned to its barren state, blooms once again,
and even though Joline tries to laugh it off, the prior (Frank Currier) takes this as a very real miracle.
Joline eventually comes to believe and she leaves Paul to become a World War I Red Cross nurse.
They are reunited when Paul enlists and is wounded in battle. This time around, they get married.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com

Joline, a passionate and vivacious cabaret dancer in Paris' Latin Quarter, becomes infatuated with
penniless American artist Paul Granville and soon becomes his mistress. With Joline as his model,
Paul finally wins the recognition he has sought, but when Count Adrian de Roche commissions him
to paint "the Madonna of the Rose Bush," he decides to seek a model more befitting the role. Joline's
pleas finally convince Paul to take her to the portrait's site, an old monastery behind which is a
rosebush that bloomed only once, when the Madonna appeared among its branches. At Joline's
touch, the bush again bursts into bloom, which moves her so greatly that she leaves her lover and
begins a new life. As a Red Cross nurse in World War I, Joline discovers Paul wounded on a
battlefield, and following his recovery they marry.

Plot Synopsis from AFI.com
~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Metro Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Eugene Gaudio  
Assistant Director: Charles J. Hunt
Supervisor: Maxwell Karger
Technical Director: Edward Shulter  

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: February 17, 1918
~Alla Nazimova~
~Alla Nazimova~