~Pauline Frederick~

Born: August 12, 1883 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Died: September 19, 1938 in Beverly Hills, California, USA
~Stars of the Photoplay, 1930~
She was the screen's first "Zara," "Sappho" and "Madame X," in Paramount's early days she was the
most glamorous woman in pictures, and to this day she is one of the finest and most competent of
American actresses. Pauline Frederick was born in Boston, in 1884, and educated in private schools
there. She had a successful career as a stage star before facing the camera. She made her talkie
debut in "On Trial." In April, 1930, she was married to Hugh Leighton. This was her fourth
~Silent Filmography~
Mumsie (1927) .... Mumsie
The Nest (1927) .... Mrs. Hamilton
Josselyn's Wife (1926) .... Lillian Josselyn
Devil's Island (1926) .... Jeannette Picto
Her Honor, the Governor (1926) .... Adele Fenway
... aka The Second Mrs. Fenway
Smouldering Fires (1925) .... Jane Vale
Three Women (1924) .... Mrs. Mabel Wilton
Married Flirts (1924) .... Nellie Wayne
Let Not Man Put Asunder (1924) .... Petrina Faneuil
The Glory of Clementina (1922) .... Clementina Wing
Two Kinds of Women (1922) .... Judith Sanford
The Woman Breed (1922)
The Lure of Jade (1921) .... Sara Vincent
The Sting of the Lash (1921) .... Dorothy Keith
Salvage (1921) .... Bernice Ridgeway/Kate Martin
Roads of Destiny (1921) .... Rose Merritt
The Mistress of Shenstone (1921) .... Lady Myra Ingleby
A Slave of Vanity (1920) .... Iris Bellamy
Madame X (1920) .... Jacqueline Floriot
The Paliser Case (1920) .... Cassy Cara
The Woman in Room 13 (1920) .... Laura Bruce
The Loves of Letty (1919) .... Letty Shell
Bonds of Love (1919) .... Una Sayre
The Peace of Roaring River (1919) .... Madge Nelson
The Fear Woman (1919) .... Helen Winthrop
One Week of Life (1919) .... Mrs. Sherwood & Marion Roche
Paid in Full (1919) .... Emma Brooks
The Woman on the Index (1919) .... Sylvia Martin
Out of the Shadow (1919) .... Ruth Minchin
A Daughter of the Old South (1918) .... Dolores Jardine
Stake Uncle Sam to Play Your Hand (1918) .... Miss Liberty Loan
Fedora (1918) .... Princess Fedora
Her Final Reckoning (1918) .... Marsa
Resurrection (1918) .... Katusha
La Tosca (1918/I) .... Floria Tosca
Madame Jealousy (1918) .... Madame Jealousy
Mrs. Dane's Defense (1918) .... Felicia Hindemarsh
The Hungry Heart (1917/I) .... Courtney Vaughan
Double Crossed (1917/I) .... Eleanor Stratton
The Love That Lives (1917) .... Molly McGill
Her Better Self (1917) .... Vivian Tyler
Sleeping Fires (1917) .... Zelma Bryce
Sapho (1917/I) .... Sapho, aka Fanny Lagrand
The Slave Market (1917) .... Ramona
The Slave Island (1916)
Nanette of the Wilds (1916) .... Nanette Gauntier
Ashes of Embers (1916) .... Laura Ward/Agnes Ward
The Woman in the Case (1916/I) .... Margaret Rolfe
The World's Great Snare (1916) .... Myra
The Moment Before (1916) .... Madge
Audrey (1916) .... Audrey
The Spider (1916) .... Valerie St. Cyr/Joan Marche
Lydia Gilmore (1915) .... Lydia Gilmore
Bella Donna (1915) .... Bella Donna (Ruby Chepstow)
Zaza (1915) .... Zaza
Sold (1915) .... Helen
The Eternal City (1915) .... Donna Roma
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~The Los Angeles Times~
September 20, 1938
Pauline Frederick was a noted actress of screen and stage.

Her debut on the stage was in "The Rogers Brothers at Harvard" at the Knickerbocker in New York,
Sept. 1, 1902. A year later she appeared as Titiana in "A Princess of Kensington" at the Broadway
Theater in New York.

She was engaged almost constantly in the theatrical world and had success after success on
Broadway, in musical comedy, opera, dramas and eventually in film.

Among her many stage successes were "Joseph and His Brothers," "Innocent," and "Sampson." On
the silent screen she starred in films including 1915's "ZaZa" and "Bella Donna," 1920's "Madame X"
and 1921's "The Lure of Jade." She starred in talkies including 1928's "On Trial" and 1929's
"Evidence" and "The Sacred Flame."