~June Mathis~

Born: January 30, 1887 in Leadville, Colorado, USA
Died: July 26, 1927 in New York City, New York, USA
~June Mathis with Director Charles Brabin
after meeting for the film "Ben Hur"~
~A Biography of June Mathis is coming soon!~
~Silent Filmography~

The Magic Flame (1927) (continuity)
An Affair of the Follies (1927) (writer) ... Movie Still Code: 71-X
The Masked Woman (1927) (writer)
The Greater Glory (1926) (scenario)
Irene (1926) (writer)
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925) (adaptation by)  
... aka "Ben-Hur" - USA (short title)
We Moderns (1925) (writer)
Classified (1925) (scenario)
The Desert Flower (1925) (writer)
Sally (1925) (writer)
Greed (1924) (screen adaptation and dialogue)
The Hooded Falcon (1924) (script writer)
In the Palace of the King (1923) (adaptation)
The Day of Faith (1923) (adaptation)
The Spanish Dancer (1923) (adaptation)
Three Wise Fools (1923) (writer)
The Young Rajah (1922) (screenplay)
Blood and Sand (1922) (written by) ... Movie Still Code: 432-X &  455-X
Hate (1922) (adaptation)
Kisses (1922) (adaptation) (screenplay)
The Golden Gift (1922) (story)
Turn to the Right (1922) (writer)
The Idle Rich (1921) (adaptation)
Camille (1921) (written by)
A Trip to Paradise (1921) (writer)
The Conquering Power (1921) (writer)  
... aka "Eugenie Grandet" - USA (alternative title)
The Man Who (1921) (writer)
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921) (written for the screen by)
Hearts Are Trumps (1920) (scenario)
Polly with a Past (1920) (scenario)
The Saphead (1920) (scenario)
The Price of Redemption (1920) (writer)
Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1920) (writer)
Old Lady 31 (1920) (scenario)
The Right of Way (1920) (writer)
The Walk-Offs (1920) (writer)
The Willow Tree (1920) (writer)
Fair and Warmer (1919) (writer)
Lombardi, Ltd. (1919) (scenario)
The Brat (1919) (screenplay) (titles)
The Microbe (1919) (writer)
The Man Who Stayed at Home (1919) (writer)
Some Bride (1919) (writer)
Almost Married (1919/I) (writer)
The Amateur Adventuress (1919) (writer)
The Red Lantern (1919) (writer)
The Island of Intrigue (1919) (writer)
The Parisian Tigress (1919) (story)
Blind Man's Eyes (1919) (writer)
Way of the Strong (1919) (scenario)
Satan Junior (1919) (writer)
Johnny-on-the-Spot (1919) (scenario)
Out of the Fog (1919) (writer)
The Divorcee (1919) (writer)
The Great Victory, Wilson or the Kaiser? The Fall of the Hohenzollerns (1919) (writer)
Eye for Eye (1918) (writer)
Sylvia on a Spree (1918) (scenario)
Five Thousand an Hour (1918) (writer)
His Bonded Wife (1918) (writer)
Secret Strings (1918) (scenario)
Kildare of Storm (1918) (scenario)
... aka "Kildares of Storm" - USA (copyright title)
The Silent Woman (1918) (writer)
The House of Mirth (1918) (writer)
A Successful Adventure (1918) (screenplay) (story)
To Hell with the Kaiser! (1918) (writer)
A Man's World (1918) (writer)
The House of Gold (1918) (scenario)
Social Quicksands (1918) (writer)
The Winning of Beatrice (1918) (scenario)
Toys of Fate (1918) (scenario)
The Trail to Yesterday (1918) (scenario)
With Neatness and Dispatch (1918) (scenario)
Social Hypocrites (1918) (writer)
The Claim (1918) (writer)
The Brass Check (1918) (writer)
The Eyes of Mystery (1918) (adaptation)
The Winding Trail (1918) (story)
Daybreak (1918) (adaptation)
The Legion of Death (1918) (screenplay) (story)
Blue Jeans (1917) (writer)
Red, White and Blue Blood (1917) (writer)
The Voice of Conscience (1917) (scenario)
Draft 258 (1917) (writer)
The Jury of Fate (1917) (adaptation)
Somewhere in America (1917) (writer)
Miss Robinson Crusoe (1917) (story)
The Trail of the Shadow (1917) (scenario)
Aladdin's Other Lamp (1917) (writer)
Lady Barnacle (1917) (scenario)
The Call of Her People (1917) (writer)
The Beautiful Lie (1917) (scenario)
The Millionaire's Double (1917) (story)
A Magdalene of the Hills (1917) (scenario)
... aka "A Magdalen of the Hills" - USA (review title)
The Power of Decision (1917) (scenario)
His Father's Son (1917) (scenario)
The Barricade (1917) (scenario)
Threads of Fate (1917) (writer)
A Wife by Proxy (1917) (scenario) (unconfirmed)
The Sunbeam (1916) (scenario)
The Dawn of Love (1916) (writer)
God's Half Acre (1916) (scenario)
The Purple Lady (1916) (scenario)
Her Great Price (1916) (scenario)
The Upstart (1916) (scenario)
The House of Tears (1915) (writer)

~Editorial Department~
Her Second Chance (1926) (editorial director)
Irene (1926) (editorial director)
The Far Cry (1926) (editorial director)
The Girl from Montmartre (1926) (editorial director)
What Fools Men (1925) (editorial director)
The Marriage Whirl (1925) (editorial director)
Sally (1925) (editorial supervisor)
Three Weeks (1924) (editorial director)
Name the Man (1924) (editorial director)
Wild Oranges (1924) (editorial director)

Greed (1924) (42-reel version) (uncredited)

Souls for Sale (1923) .... Herself - Celebrity Writer
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