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~How Could You, Jean~
Directed by: William Desmond Taylor

Written by: Frances Marion - scenario

Based on the novel How Could You, Jean? by Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd
(Garden City, NY, 1917).

Mary Pickford ... Jean Mackaye
 Casson Ferguson ... Ted Burton Jr
 Spottiswoode Aitke ... Rufus Bonner
 Herbert Standing ... Burton Sr
 Fanny Midgley ... Mrs. Bonner
 Lawrence Peyton ... Oscar
Zasu Pitts ... Oscar's Sweetheart
 Maie B. Havey ... Susan Cooper
 Lucille Ward ... Mrs. Kate Morley
 Emma Gordes ... Morley Child
 Wesley Barry ... Morley Child
 Burwell Hamrick ... Morley Child
 Althea Worthley ... Morley Child
 Joan Marsh ... Morley Child
 Jack Herbert ... Morley Child
 Valerie Traxler ... Morley Child
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~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Mary Pickford Company

Distribution Company: Artcraft Pictures Corporation

Producer: Mary Pickford
Cinematography by: Charles Rosher
Assistant Director: Frank Richardson

Length: 5 Reels
Released: June 23, 1918
~Plot Synopsis~
When Jean Mackaye, a pretty and resourceful young woman, discovers that she has lost her fortune,
she dresses in Salvation Army clothing and secures a job in the Bonner home as a Swedish cook. Mr.
and Mrs. Bonner, an elderly couple preoccupied with the study of insects, are too busy to notice that
their Swedish hired man Oscar is falling in love with Jean. Soon, however, Ted Burton, the son of a
cranky old millionaire, falls so deeply in love with her that he convinces Oscar to resign and applies
for the position himself. Burton, Sr., anxious to discover the reason for his son's odd behavior,
becomes a boarder in the house. Following a series of adventures in which Jean saves the old man's
life, Burton blesses the union of his son and the "Swedish cook."

Plot Synopsis from

Note from

Sources call this a Mary Pickford production without specifying the exact name of her company.
During 1918, Pickford's production company was called variously the Mary Pickford Film Co., and
Pickford Film Corp. The novel How Could You, Jean? originally appeared in serial form in a popular
magazine. Sources conflict concerning the name of the character played by Mabelle Harvey.
According to reviews and Paramount publicity, the character was named "Susan Trent." However,
the continuity in the Paramount studio records lists the character name as "Susan Cooper."
~245-53: Mary Pickford~