~Everybody's Sweetheart~
~Plot Synopsis~
This comedy-drama was Olive Thomas' last film before her tragic death by poisoning. Mary (Thomas) is
"everybody's sweetheart" at the ragged farm where she was raised, but she's the special sweetheart of John
(William Collier Jr.). As very young children, they both were rescued from a train wreck and grew up
together. They are separated when the benign headmistress of the county poor farm is discharged and
replaced with a tyrant, and John is sent to a neighboring farm. Mary is not thrilled with the change and she
and the Corporal, a relic from the Civil War (Hal Wilson), take off. John follows them. The trio makes it to
the home of a retired General (Joseph Dowling), who recognizes the Corporal, who then dies at his home.
The General adopts Mary, and John goes to work for him as a gardener's assistant. The couple spend time
together having fun, but friction develops between the two newcomers and Willing (Bob Hick) and his wife
Jessica (Aileen Manning), a couple living with the general who hope to inherit his wealth One day, the
General is attacked by a drunken nephew and John comes to his rescue. The General finally senses
something familiar about John -- it turns out that his son was one of the people killed in the train wreck,
and John is his grandson. So John is welcomed into the family and he promises that when he gets a little
older, he will wed Mary.

Plot Synopsis is a combination of Plot Synopses from allmovie.com & afi.com
Directed by:
Alan Crosland    
Laurence Trimble    

Written by: John Lynch - screenplay & story

Olive Thomas ...  Mary
William Collier Jr. ...  John
Joseph J. Dowling ...  General Phillip Bingham  
Aileen Manning ...  Mrs. Willing
Martha Mattox ...  Miss Blodgett
Hal Wilson ...  Corporal
Bob Hick ...  Mr. Willing
Philip Sleeman ...  Minor Role (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Selznick Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Robert Newhard
Film Editing by: W. Duncan Mansfield
Presenter: Lewis J. Selznick

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: October 4, 1920
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