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~Evelyn Brent~

Born: October 20, 1899 in Tampa, FL, USA
Died: June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, CA, USA
~Silent Filmography~
~Los Angeles Times, 1929~
Evelyn Brent made her name playing a bad girl in early Hollywood thrillers.

Born Mary Elizabeth Riggs in Tampa, Fla., and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., “Betty” broke into movies in
England and changed her name to Evelyn Brent after starring in a play, “The Ruined Lady.”

When she returned to America after five years, she was at first classed as a British actress. She got
her American break in the 1927 “Underworld” opposite George Bancroft.

Explaining her preference for thrillers, Brent told the Times in 1925, “These drawing-room pictures
in which you have to play the part of an animated clothes-horse give me a pain. They give you no
chance whatever to develop individuality or character.”

— Alma Whitaker in the Los Angeles Times June 16, 1929 and Los Angeles Times Aug. 2, 1925, with
additional material
The Mating Call (1928) .... Rose Henderson
The Dragnet (1928) .... The Magpie
... aka The Drag Net (USA: poster title)
His Tiger Wife (1928) .... The Tiger Lady
... aka A Night of Mystery
... aka His Tiger Lady
A Night of Mystery (1928/I) .... Gilberte Boismartel
... aka The Code of Honour
The Showdown (1928) .... Sibyl Shelton
The Last Command (1928) .... Natalie Dabrova
Beau Sabreur (1928) .... Mary Vanbrugh ... Movie Still Code: 1091-X
Women's Wares (1927) .... Dolly Morton
Underworld (1927) .... 'Feathers' McCoy
... aka Paying the Penalty (UK)
Blind Alleys (1927) .... Sally Ray ... Movie Still Code: 1045-X
Love's Greatest Mistake (1927) .... Jane
Flame of the Argentine (1926) .... Inez Remírez
The Jade Cup (1926) .... Peggy Allen
The Impostor (1926) .... Judith Gilbert
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (1926) .... Mame Walsh
Secret Orders (1926) .... Janet Graaham
Queen o'Diamonds (1926) .... Jeanette Durant/Jerry Lyon
Broadway Lady (1925) .... Rosalie Ryan
Three Wise Crooks (1925) .... Molly
... aka Three of a Kind (UK)
Lady Robinhood (1925) .... Señorita Catalina/La Ortiga
Smooth as Satin (1925) .... Gertie Jones
Alias Mary Flynn (1925) .... Mary Flynn
Forbidden Cargo (1925) .... Polly O'Day
... aka Dangerous Cargo
Midnight Molly (1925) .... Margaret Warren/Midnight Molly
Silk Stocking Sal (1924) .... 'Stormy' Martin
My Husband's Wives (1924) .... Marie Wynn
The Dangerous Flirt (1924) .... Sheila Fairfax
... aka A Dangerous Flirtation (UK)
The Cyclone Rider (1924) .... Weeping Wanda
The Desert Outlaw (1924) .... May Halloway
The Lone Chance (1924) .... Margaret West
The Plunderer (1924) .... The Lily
Arizona Express (1924) .... Lola Nichols
The Shadow of the East (1924) .... Lolaire
... aka The Shadow of the Desert (UK)
Loving Lies (1924) .... Ellen Craig
Held to Answer (1923) .... Bessie Burbeck
The Spanish Jade (1922) .... Mañuela
Married to a Mormon (1922) .... Beryl Fane
The Experiment (1922) .... Doris Fielding
Trapped by the Mormons (1922) .... Nora Prescott
... aka The Mormon Peril (UK: reissue title)
Pages of Life (1922) .... Mitzi/Dolores
Laughter and Tears (1921) .... Pierrette
... aka Circus Jim (USA)
... aka De schilder en zijn Pierrette (Netherlands)
... aka Een lach en een traan (Netherlands)
Demos (1921) .... Emma Vine
... aka Why Men Forget (USA)
The Door That Has No Key (1921) .... Violet Melton
Sonia (1921) .... Sonia Dainton
Sybil (1921) .... Sybil Gerard
The Shuttle of Life (1920) .... Miriam Grey
The Law Divine (1920) .... Daphne Grey

The Glorious Lady (1919) .... Lady Eileen
The Other Man's Wife (1919) .... Becky Simon
Fool's Gold (1919) .... Nancy Smith
... aka Fools' Gold (USA)
Help! Help! Police! (1919) .... Marian Trevor
Border River (1919) .... Marie Dubuque
Daybreak (1918) .... Det. Alma Peterson
Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman (1917) .... Ethel... aka Raffles
Who's Your Neighbor? (1917) .... Betty Hamlin
To the Death (1917) .... Rosa
The Millionaire's Double (1917) .... Constance Brent
The Iron Woman (1916) .... Nannie Maitland
The Weakness of Strength (1916) .... Bessie Alden
... aka The Evil Men Do (USA)
The Spell of the Yukon (1916) .... Dorothy Temple
Playing with Fire (1916) .... Lucille Vane
The Soul Market (1916) .... Vivian Austin
The Iron Will (1916)
The Lure of Heart's Desire (1916) .... Little Snowbird
When Love Laughs (1915) (as Bettie Riggs)
The Shooting of Dan McGrew (1915) (as Betty Riggs) .... Nell (adult)
The Heart of a Painted Woman (1915) (as Betty Riggs)