~Dynamite Smith~
~161-93: Charles Ray & Bessie Love~
~Lydia Knott & Charles Ray~
~Charles Ray & Silas D. Wilcox~

Charles Ray ...  Gladstone Smith
Jacqueline Logan ...  Kitty Gray
Bessie Love ...  Violet
Wallace Beery ...  'Slugger' Rourke
Lydia Knott ...  Aunt Mehitabel
S.D. Wilcox ...  Marshall
Russ Powell ...  Colin MacClintock
Ethelbert Knott ...  Dad Gray
~161-?: Wallace Beery & Charles Ray~
~161-111: Wallace Beery & Jacqueline Logan~
~161-87: Wallace Beery & Bessie Love~
Directed by: Ralph Ince

Written by: C. Gardner Sullivan - screenplay & story
Timid San Francisco news reporter Gladstone Smith (Charles Ray), assigned to a murder case,
sympathizes with the wife of the killer, Rourke (Wallace Beery), and flees with her to Alaska. When
Rourke finds them, Smith escapes with her baby to a settlement where he meets restaurant cashier
Kitty Gray (Jacqueline Logan). Again Rourke interferes, but Smith manages to capture him in a bear
trap and Rourke dies in a dynamite explosion.  

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~Plot Synopsis~
~161-161: Charles Ray & Jacqueline Logan~
~161-121: Wallace Beery & Charles Ray~
~161-39: Charles Ray & Wallace Beery~
~161-44: Charles Ray & Bessie Love~
~161-120: Charles Ray & Jacqueline Logan~
~161-122: Wallace Beery & Charles Ray~
~161-72: Wallace Beery & Charles Ray~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Thomas H. Ince Corporation

Released by:
Pathé Exchange

Cinematograph by: Henry Sharp

Length: 7 Reels
Released: October 12, 1924
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~161-141: Charles Ray & Wallace Beery~