~Charles Brabin~

Born: April 17, 1882 in Liverpool, England, UK
Died: November 3, 1957 in Santa Monica, CA, USA
~Promotional photograph of Director Charles Brabin
with Writer June Mathis - Preproduction meeting for
~Silent Filmography~
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1929)
The Whip (1928) (as Charles J. Brabin)
Burning Daylight (1928)
The Valley of the Giants (1927)
Hard-Boiled Haggerty (1927)
Framed (1927)
Twinkletoes (1926)
Mismates (1926)
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925) (uncredited)
... aka Ben-Hur (USA: short title)
Stella Maris (1925) (as Charles J. Brabin)
So Big (1924)
Six Days (1923)
Driven (1923)
The Lights of New York (1922)
The Broadway Peacock (1922)
Footfalls (1921) (as Charles J. Brabin)
Blind Wives (1920)
While New York Sleeps (1920) (as Charles J. Brabin)
La belle Russe (1919) (as Charles J. Brabin)
Kathleen Mavourneen (1919)
Thou Shalt Not (1919)
The Poor Rich Man (1918)
Buchanan's Wife (1918)
His Bonded Wife (1918)
A Pair of Cupids (1918)
... aka Both Members (reissue title)
Social Quicksands (1918)
Breakers Ahead (1918)
Persuasive Peggy (1917) (as Charles J. Brabin)
Red, White and Blue Blood (1917)
The Adopted Son (1917)
Mary Jane's Pa (1917)
The Sixteenth Wife (1917)
... aka His Sixteenth Wife
... aka Olette the Elusive
... aka Tina and the Turk
Babette (1917) (as Charles J. Brabin)
The Secret Kingdom (1916)
The Price of Fame (1916)
The Higher Destiny (1916) (as Charles J. Brabin)
That Sort (1916) (as Charles J. Brabin)
... aka That Sort of Girl (UK)
The Bridesmaid's Secret (1916) (as Charles J. Brabin)
The Raven (1915) (as Charles J. Brabin)
Vanity Fair (1915)
The Woman Hater (1915)
The House of the Lost Court (1915)
The Stoning (1915)
A Theft in the Dark (1915) (as Charles J. Brabin)
An Invitation and an Attack (1915)
The Premature Compromise (1914)
The Birth of Our Saviour (1914)
The Best Man (1914/II)
The King's Move on the City (1914)
A Question of Identity (1914)
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere (1914)
The Letter That Never Came Out (1914)
The Long Way (1914)
The Man in the Street (1914)
The Man Who Disappeared (1914)
The Price of the Necklace (1914)
All for His Sake (1914) (as Charles J. Brabin)
The Necklace of Rameses (1914)
The Antique Brooch (1914)
The Stolen Plans (1913)
Silas Marner (1913)
The Foreman's Treachery (1913)
A Daughter of Romany (1913)
The Stroke of the Phoebus Eight (1913)
Keepers of the Flock (1913)
Flood Tide (1913/II) (as Charles J. Brabin)
The Coast Guard's Sister (1913) (as Charles J. Brabin)
A Concerto for the Violin (1913)
The Risen Soul of Jim Grant (1913) (as Charles J. Brabin)
Kathleen Mavourneen (1913/II)
A Will and a Way (1913)
... aka What Happened to Mary? Episode 8 (USA)
The Minister's Temptation (1913)
His Enemy (1913)
The Princess and the Man (1913)
The Ambassador's Daughter (1913)
The Maid of Honor (1913)
An Unsullied Shield (1913)
Tim (1912)
A Soldier's Duty (1912)
What Happened to Mary? (1912)
The Awakening of John Bond (1911)
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