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~Anita Page~

Born: August 4, 1910 in Flushing, NY, USA
Died: September 6, 2008 in Van Nuys, CA, USA
~Photograph of Dorothy Sabastian and Anita Page~
~Silent Filmography~
West of Zanzibar (1928) ... Bit Role (uncredited)
Our Modern Maidens (1929)... Kentucky Stafford
While the City Sleeps (1928) .... Myrtle
Telling the World (1928) .... Chrystal Malone
Beach Nuts (1927)
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (1926) (uncredited)
A Kiss for Cinderella (1925) (uncredited)
~The Los Angeles Times, 2008~
Anita Page costarred with some of the giants of film — including Lon Chaney, Ramon Novarro, Buster
Keaton and Joan Crawford — at the height of her career.

She costarred in "The Broadway Melody," the 1929 film that was the first talking movie to win the best
picture Academy Award. Her performances in "Telling the World," "Our Dancing Daughters" — one of
three films she appeared in with Crawford — and "While the City Sleeps" with Chaney made her a star in

By the late 1920s, the petite, blond actress was reportedly receiving 10,000 fan letters a week. Italian
dictator Benito Mussolini was said to be a regular correspondent.

— Los Angeles Times Sept. 8, 2008